The Three John Fords

I was saddened recently to hear about John Ford, the insurance broker, being accused of fraud.  No charges have been brought at this time.

I meet John back during the Gallegos recall election.  I had a fundraiser at my house and John helped out as the bartender. After that it seems I ran into him everywhere- at Chamber meetings, at Winco. Always helpful, aways affable. We spoke several times about my running a piece in the blog about his business but I could never find an event to “hang” the piece on. John is what is called in Canada a “Kid Kodak”.  If there’s a camera in the room, John will be in the picture.  Good attribute for a guy who’s worked in advertising, real estate, radio etc.

So the FIRST John Ford, the one I know, is a wonderful guy who has started an innovative business which can only help the local economy. So what about the SECOND John Ford? The John Ford who is such a screwup he allegedly takes funds from clients without providing value?  And does this in an enterprise (insurance) that is one of the most heavily regulated!  In an industry (cannabis)  that invites scrutiny for Federal, State AND local governments? THAT John Ford is clearly insane.  I hope it  turns out not to be true.

Watching all this from the sidelines is the THIRD John Ford-a former HSU student who recently returned to Humboldt from Monterey as the director of County Planning.  We wish him well and hope he will have a more tranquil Spring than the other two.  

At least he won’t have to cringe every time the phone rings.



“The New Celebrity Apprentice”

I have a long history with “The Apprentice”. When I was running a job club for folks who were not familiar with business issues, I used to encourage them to watch it.  Of course, the first few  years  were very different from what’s being shown now;  They actually had sort-of-celebrities then.   Most of the time was spent on solving their business problems or issues;  As time went by more and more of the time was spent in the useless Boardroom transactions- no educational value whatever.

This season the “celebrities’ are a joke. And as for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a parody of himself.  Sorry, but saying “You’re terminated” instead of  “You’re fired” just isn’t exciting.  I fell asleep.  I won’t be watching it again.   Get a glimpse  while you can.  This show is so bad it won’t be around long.


No, I’m Not Going To Watch the Trump Inaugural

I don’t remember going out of my way to watch ANY inaugural, even Obama’s which at least was historic. According to my ephemeris, Jan 20 2009 was a Tuesday, so I was probably at work. If inaugurals are such a big deal, why don’t they give people the day off? Just asking.

The time difference is a big problem. I was thinking about throwing a Bloody-Mary-and-Granola brunch for the Democrats in the ‘hood but 9am is too damn early to start drinking. If the weather is still miserable – as it’s predicted to be –  I just might sleep thru the whole thing.  If he screws up, it will be on the news anyway.

I think it’s great that there will be a vigil on Arcata Plaza by the Women in Black and anyone who cares to join them from 830 to 10am. You go, ladies!

This inaugural is not a celebration. It marks the transfer of power from a humane and caring individual to one who is coarse, crude, uneducated, greedy, sexist, ignorant and lies each time he opens his mouth.  He’s not going to change.  God help us all.



Why Does Trump Want His Family In the White House?

Well, first of all, he doesn’t have any friends. Forty years of scheming to defraud the people he does business with hasn’t resulted in his having a robust network of friends or even allies.

Second, his limited intellect and knowledge are well beneath the usual level for prospective Presidents. He is the most unprepared President in history.  He doesn’t KNOW how things are normally done, or why. Lil’ ol’ Reince Prebius is supposed to be keeping Don the Con on track.  He is failing at his task.  Trump is insulting our allies daily and trying his best to compromise our national  security  based on his warm fuzzy feelings for the KGB thug Putin.  His judgment sucks and I don’t want to be endangered by it.  

Can anyone talk sense to Trump?  An egomaniac who thinks he knows better than 17 intelligence agencies  is probably uncontrollable.  It will be left to the checks and balances of the system to put the brakes on this new Government by Ignorance.  Will he be brought down by his greed?  Or by his arrogance?  What a wonderful choice for the American people.

So the world is to be treated to the spectacle of Don the Con staffing his administration (correction: this is YOUR  administration)  with his untalented children.  Very Banana Republic. And this is making America great again? 

Every day Don the Con does something more hateful.  Taking off on Meryl Streep? He has no self-control, no dignity and no wisdom.  Even the 24% of the electorate that voted for him are getting tired of his act. He WAS entertaining for awhile.   Now he’s just an ignorant bore.  Hello, President Pence.

HERE is an interesting take from Salon about his unfitness.


Loleta ‘s Queso Kings

A couple of weeks ago I went down to Loleta on my annual Christmas trip to buy cheese. I couldn’t check out the new Queso Kings restaurant then because, as I was told, the entire crew had come down with the flu and the place was closed.  When I went down on January 5 both the store and the restaurant were empty but at least they were open, or so I thought.  I made my purchases  and told they lady who was selling cheese that I was going to have a bite in their café.  She obligingly carried my  purchases to a table in the café area,

There were two more ladies staffing the café.  No “Queso Kings” in sight.  The Queso Queens seemed to be very new at their jobs. The routine is that you pick ypur bread and cheese  for the sandwich; I hadn’t thought about it so I made a not-too–bright choice of Fontina and cheddar. It turned out to be very good and  the bread, a routine buttermilk bread, was toasted perfectly;  at $7 I think you should expect that.  I wanted to try at least one other item so I had the tomato soup at $4.50.  But just as I was going to try it, they announced that they were closing! At 3pm!  I don’t think they had told the cheese store lady nor did they post the 3p closing on any of their signs.   I hurredly took my leave  while at least five other customers were coming Into the store,   bound for disappointment. They overcharged me by a couple of bucks also and don’t provide receipts so be aware. Their website  btw correctly shows a 3pm closing.

I took a sip of the soup when I got home.  It was really, really good.  I don’t know what was in it.  It could have come out of a box for all I know but it was fabulous.  I  took a sip  and then another  and  then another.  You get the idea. It was good.  I should add that they have also added chili to their menu, an intelligent addition.

So how do you feel about paying $14+ for a tom and chee? I was going to make a wisecrack about New York prices coming to Loleta.  Then  I checked the menu at Katz Deli on Houston Street  where I had the best pastrami sandwich on the planet when we were back there in October. They charge $6.50 for a cup of soup and their sandwiches are  $18-20.  But they’e huge. So, not quite NYC prices.  Not for awhile.

I checked out the website later- should have done  it before- and was surprised to see that the website  offers a sandwich PLUS soup PLUS a cookie for $10. Now, that’s more like it! But I wasn’t offered that deal so I guess you have to ask for it.

So check out the Queso Kings  at least once.  Especially that soup!  But count your change.  


Do You Pick Your Own Crab??

Or are you one of the one-percenters who pay the $40 per pound for picked crab?

I cannot pick crab to save my life.  I fool with it for an hour and end up with my hands mangled, every fingernail broken, pieces of crab leg all over.  I ran into a guy once who had worked at Pacific Choice or Lazio’s  or somewhere and he claimed  that if you had the right wrist action and knew what you were doing you could sort of shake the crab out of the shell.  I’m just passing this on; I have no idea if it’s true.

At these prices, you try to stretch things.  I have a recipe for crab spread that is good for us peasants.  This was not created for dungeness but works just fine.  It’s from the late lamented Trawler Restaurant  on Shem Creek in Charleston. Here it is:

COMBINE:  One cup of that precious crabmeat with  one 8-oz package  of cream cheese, softened, 1/2 cup mayo, 4 T (start with 2) worcestershire sauce, 2 T horseradish (start with one), 2 T melted butter, 1/2 tsp garlic salt. Seriously good.

Okay, you twisted my arm so here’s another.  This is from Joe’s Stone Crabs and is a dipping sauce that- I think-  goes better with shrimp than with crab.  I keep it around all the time now. You can thank me later.

COMBINE;  One cup mayo, 4 T half&half, 4 tsp dry mustard, 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp A-1, salt and pepper.

I have a recipe for  mac’n’cheese with crab  that also stretches a cup of crabmeat to feed four.  When it comes to crab, there is no shame. Eat the whole thing yourself!  Support our local crabbers! And if you hear of anyone giving crab-picking lessons, let me know.




I hate January rain, January sun, all of it. This is the time of year when your tax forms show up, reminding you that THAT has to be dealt with.

This is the time of year when you  assess where you are in life and chart a new course.  Bah humbug.  This when you’re supposed to take down those Christmas decorations that you just put up.  I hate taking them down.

The thing I hate most about January and winter is the sunlight.  I can’t drive without having to shade my eyes.  The only auto accident I was ever in that was my fault was in January a couple of years ago trying to turn off Myrtle. I was absolutely blinded by the sun, people behind me were honking.  I took a chance and ended up T-boning a Ford van.  Up till then I hadn’t realized Ford vans were made of cardboard.  He had a gaping hole.  I didn’t have a scratch on my car.   Hate that winter sun!

Just now the power went out for awhile. Wake me when it’s February.



Why I Stay Off Facebook

Are you still on Facebook?  Why?  Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy that everything you purchase or clock on  becomes fodder for the marketing  machine?  I still have an account but I only spend about five minutes a month on FB. Too annoying, too  much garbage about things I don’t care about about.   Why am I getting messages from Mike Pence????  I didn’t sign up for that!

The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently wrote about the data brokers that Facebook works with.  

Read about it HERE.