Is The Fair Going To Suck This Year?

I spent several hours at the Humboldt County Fair on Monday and I was alarmed at how few people I saw there. Granted I was at a Humboldt Democrats’ booth which was WAY out of the main area, but I really expected to see more people, especially since it was Kids’ Day.  Maybe I was just in a bad mood,  but the usual array of hats and doodads for sale seemed more tacky than ever and when I went looking for lunch,  there didn’t seem to be any choices. I found a Mexican family doing decent street tacos, but not much else.  Where was the BBQ?  Where the gyros? There was one booth doing Chinese but the pickings were lean.

Why is the Fair food so awful? It seems the food vendors, like the handbag vendors, crawl around from Fair to Fair with their funnel cakes but in places like Humboldt, where the local food far outshines anything that could be trucked in, why not showcase our local foods? Where was Southside Mike? Where was Sammy’s? Where was Rita’s? There will be races today and hopefully the attendance will pick up.  If you go, tell us how you liked it. 

By the way, I took a poll of the few folks who stopped by the table.   I talked with 10 folks who were definitely voting for Hilary and one gentleman who said he just couldn’t bring himself to vote for her. I talked him into voting for Gary Johnson instead. It wasn’t hard. 


Eureka and Dick Taylor Featured In Sunset

Sunset has again published a paean to the glories of the Redwood Coast.  I the September issue, they follow a couple of guys on a road trip with a Westfalia. What’s that saying about a prophet being without honor in his own country?  The outlanders certainly seem to appreciate Eureka more than we do. To quote Sunset,  “Once we arrive  this Gold-Rush era town, we tour the main drag. Centuries-old buildings exude stunning craftsmanship. ”  Yup, that’s where we live. They include nods to Dick Taylor, the Co-op  and Cypress Grove Cheese and you can read the whole thing in the September issue, to which I cannot provide you a link. 


Can you call a woman an asshole? I have the answer.

Anyone who has ever held a job- whether in government, private industry or the NGO’s- knows that this question comes up from time to time. Gather round the campfire and I shall share some lore with you.

Many moons ago at a Major Industrial Facility  in the middle of the ocean, there was a need for woman supervisors. There many women supervisors and managers in the white-collar areas like purchasing  and accounting but they kept running low in the trades.  The progression was usually from apprentice to journeyman to instructor to supervisor/foreman so the Instructor jobs were sought after and a lot of attention was paid to filling them with the right people.

Let’s call her Sandra.  Sandra was interviewed for the instructor job and was offered a position. She accepted and was scheduled to teach her first class some weeks later. So far, so good.

Fast-forward to the first day of class. Sandra doesn’t show up. Much wailing and gnashing of  teeth, much glee among the apprentices who were, temporarily, being paid to do nothing.  Finally someone reached her husband.  No, he said, she wasn’t home. She was in Vegas for the Credit Union Convention, which is a big deal at Major Industrial Facilities. Sure enough, she had long ago requested vacation to go to the convention  but hadn’t mentioned the conflict after she got the promotion because she didn’t want her vacation cancelled. Technically she was on approved vacation but she was AWOL from her teaching assignment.

 This is the instance which gave rise to a lengthy debate among the finest minds in the Management Engineering  Office on the question: Can you properly refer to a woman as an asshole?

I took the affirmative .  Bobby Tamura took the negative. The whole office took sides. When the dust settled,  the consensus was YES because “asshole” is a gender-neutral term.  Both men and women have assholes, and by extension both men and women can BE assholes.

A distinction should be made between “assholes” and “bitches”, which is also a gender -neutral term.  I know more male bitches than female, for the record. A bitch has to DO something or SAY something to be a bitch. Assholes just have to BE.

Okay. Discuss among yourselves.


Even the Rich are Fleeing Bay Area Housing Prices

Not that we want to be smug or anything like that, but it’s hard not to experience a bit of schadenfreude when you hear stories like the President of the SF Federal Credit Union relocating to Oregon because of housing prices.  The details are HERE.

Also, recently,  a  Palo Alto planning commissioner announced that she was moving to Santa Cruz after going to extreme measures, including renting a house with another couple. Her story is in the sidebar to the Palo Alto story. Santa Cruz isn’t much of an answer. And in Sonoma, people are paying half a milll for houses that would go for $300K up here. Unbelievable  but true. 


The July 2016 Economic Index Is IN

Here’s the latest from Dr. Eshcker and the crew.  Not much change this month. Unemployment is up a bit. “California gas prices decreased from $2.91 to $2.73.  Northern California’s average also fell to $2l84 from $2.93, and Eurekas average  gas price per gallon fell from $2.96 to $2.74.”

Read the whole report HERE.


Harassed at the Cutten Post Office! Beware the Trump thugs!

I went to my post office Monday as I do most days and I parked in the empty disabled space right by the front door.  I mention this because I have a small      4″x 4″ sticker on my car that says “Stop Bigotry” with a styled graphic (not a cartoon) of Trump that makes him look better than he does.  You have to be right next to the car to even see it.

As I got into the PO a young guy about 30, six feet, bland looking with short hair and a beard, approached me and asked me if I was voting for Hillary or for Trump. Hillary, of course, I replied. He proceeded to tell me, as fact, that Bill and Hillary were responsible for 88 murders so I guess he was an Alex Jones fan.  If I had wanted to converse with him, I would have told him that getting away with 88 murders is quite an accomplishment for someone in the public eye but I didn’t want to hear any more so I just walked down the hall to my PO box.  

I took my mail and started to leave but the guy had waited for me and now he wanted to talk about Benghazi.  I told him to look it up on Snopes and headed for the door. He still wouldn’t shut up and I ended up calling him an asshole.  He drove away in a white pickup.

The next day I called the main post office and asked what I should do if it happens again. They suggested calling “the local police”.  And I would suggest if this happens to you, saying very loudly “Don’t talk to me”. Then if they persist, call the cops.  You never know. They might show up.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m 5’2″, am about to turn 69 years old and park in a disabled space. Wonder if he would  have picked on someone his own size?


Old Town in Henderson Center? You Betcha!

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Corner Bakery in Henderson Center (the former Vellutini’s at the corner of F and Henderson) has been taken over by Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. Relax- they will still make those wonderful sandwiches on FRESH bread and will be introducing their full range of coffee drinks and also their wraps and waffles. 

Great news for the neighborhood! The new sign will be erected any day now.


19 Years later We Finally Get a Stoplight at Walnut and Fern!

When I moved into my house, in !993, the traffic on Walnut was already getting bad. Then they built Redwood Fields, which made it worse, still with no traffic control.  I was still working at the time and getting out of Fern Street and onto Walnut was a nightmare especially with the school busses added to the mix in the mornings.

In 1996 or 1997 I got mad enough to take a petition around to the neighbors asking for a traffic light at Walnut and Fern. EVERYBODY l asked signed it. The Sylvests signed it. Craig Perrone signed it and I think Jeanne did too. Jeff Lamoree signed it. I took it over to the Bocce court where they were having an Italian festival.  Almost everyone there signed it.

Armed with 41 signatures I went to meet with Tom Mattson, who was a mere slip of a boy at that time, with an office in an odd location on 3rd Street or thereabouts. The first time we didn’t connect.  Someone  else was with me but  I can’t remember who.  The second time I went alone and met with Mr Mattson who accepted the petition,  blamed the State for the fact that there was no traffic light and seemed to be doing his best not to give folks like me any false hopes. I guess that’s good. Eventually I threw out the file and forgot all about it. Since I retired eight  years ago I just avoid that intersection when it’s busy.  After all,  I’ve got all day, right?  

Anyway, when I saw on the Board of Supervisors agenda that they were actually going to discuss a stoplight at Walnut and Fern I almost fainted. They’d done studies!! There were three long attachments!  Our County had validated  after 19 years that what those 41 signers had claimed- that Walnut /Fern was a dangerous corner that warranted a stoplight – was true!

I wish I hadn’t thrown out the file.  I could  have had a reunion party for everyone who signed. I’d invite Tom Mattson too.