The Eagerly Awaited Humboldt Soup Company holding its official opening tomorrow. Here’s a link to the menu as posted on Facebook (they don’t have their website operational yet) so you can check it out before lunch tomorrow ’cause it sounds like there’s going to be a stampede. You have to scroll down aways to see the whole menu. The beet salad sounds incredible. Good luck to them!

11 thoughts on “The Eagerly Awaited Humboldt Soup Company

  1. Just went. Mac and cheese had almost 1/3 of oil in the bottom of conaimer it was soaking in oil. Clam chower was bland and fishy. Even after seasoned wasnt good. The half sandwich was a 2 inch square. I spent 19.79.Very un satisfying. This place wont be aound bland. Line long. They dont take ur name so they will get ur order meesed up. The cash register was rude. Made me wait 5 min at the rwg before he took my order; he didn’t even know what soups they had he told to ask the girl next to him handing the food out. ; (

          • I always wonder what star ratings to give on things like that. I would think 5 stars would be the best possible, but how many people or places do you know that really deserve 5 stars? Seems to me there’s nearly always room for improvement. I believe I gave 5 stars to one or two businesses but that was mostly because it was someone I knew so would have felt guilty giving something lower.

            Cruz Plumbing is one I gave 5 stars to, but that’s family related. Then again, I have been very happy with them and can’t think of any complaints or room for improvement. I still wonder if 5 stars is justified?

            Certainly 1 star is the lowest rating. No arguing that. I don’t know that I’ve ever given a 1 star rating. I gave Fresh Freeze 2 stars. Not too good. Then again, I don’t think Fresh Freeze is anywhere near as good now as it was back in the day.

            What would 3 stars be? Just average?

          • I’d go with that, three stars for “average”. I gave 5 stars to the AA for their steaks. Might have given 5 to Folie Douce. I never DID like Fresh Freeze, even back in the day but lately I’ve discovered their fishburgers which use pieces of honest-to-God fish instead of those formed patties. But their other food is awful. It’s a shame.

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