The McKenny’s and Shafer’s Moves

After conversing  with staff from both companies,  we have established the following: 

1) The Arcata McKinney’s has indeed closed and is transferring its stock to the Eureka store on Hubbard.  Pay no attention to the TV ads which still show the Arcata store open. 

2) Shafer’s will continue to operate in Henderson Center AND will open a new store at the Old Safeway location on Harris near Harrison.  No word on an opening date. 

4 thoughts on “The McKenny’s and Shafer’s Moves

  1. When’s the last time you watched a supervisor or Eureka council meeting? They only appear to be competent when they do what their development industry backers debriefed them on.

    Eureka might have experienced some change…but herding homeless people into voluntary internment camps with limited services is an indignant throwback to the way this county historically treats its unwanted residents.

    • I watch them frequently. If you have read this blog before you know I don’t have a high opinion of any of the supes other than Mark. BTW I don’t think you really meant “indignant” but I’m not sure what you DID mean. Maybe just leave out the adjective?

  2. That’s a lot of money up in smoke, being the Arcata store closing after the redo of it. Who called in the loans on that, which they’ll still be paying for? Also a lot of folks were let go. Was that to offset the costs? Somebody is losing a ton of money on this move.

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