The Durst Saga

I  got interested in the Durst story because he had lived in Trinidad, although I still don’t know where or for how long or whether he actually owned property there. Someone should do a book about famous people who have sojourned in Humboldt.  I know there was a MLB ballplayer who lived there for awhile, no idea who.

Anyway, I watched the entirety of the HBO series “The Jinx” just for that reason. It was an AWFUL series, well below usual HBO standards.  HBO has pretty much singlehandedly been keeping documentary alive in this country, but this was not a good series. It was BORING! How could such a compelling story be made boring? Too much focus on the producers, too much repetition. Sure enough,  in the middle of the last episode, I actually FELL ASLEEP and awoke to a sports show.  Luckily I taped it and was able to watch the end, which was what  the excitement is all about.  In the last couple of minutes, Durst, wearing a clip-on mike he had apparently forgotten about, visits the restroom and mutters to himself, “Yeah, I killed them all.”

To the filmmakers and to HBO this must have been manna from heaven, also for the prosecutors who wants another shot at him.  He’s in 71 now, so hopefully another charge would keep him locked up for what’s left of his bizarre life. I think it could be argued that a guy muttering to himself in a bathroom is not necessarily telling the truth about anything.  We’ll see how it shakes out.  Personally, yeah I think he did it.  So far he’s bought his way out.  This case will generate media frenzy such as we haven’t seen since Patty Hearst. Too bad they didn’t say more about Trinidad. Might have generated some tourist spending.  LOCO is carrying the links to the LA TImes coverage.


8 thoughts on “The Durst Saga

  1. Don’t feel too bad about falling asleep during an HBO documentary. I fell asleep somewhere in Hong Kong during the Edward Snowden documentary, CitizenFour by Glenn Greenwald. One of these days, I will finish watching it.

  2. Hmmmm, announcing famous people who have lived in Humboldt County. That may be a tall order to complete. But, beyond this Durst character, there have been several Major League Baseball players, several NFL football players, famous musicians, movie actors, television personalities, nationally recognized educators and the creator of Spongebob Squarepants plus, extra bonus, serial killer Wayne Adam Ford. .

    • I KNOW it’s a tall order. That’s why I didn’t volunteer to do it myself. Re:Wayne A Ford, I think was in one of the trailer parks in Arcata. I seem to remember that. I wouldn’t recognize an NFL or MLB player if I hit one in the road. I think there’s a book there. Or a website. (BTW weren’t you the respondent who recommended the food truck Dashi to me? If so, thanks!)

      • As far as food trucks are concerned, oh gosh no, as Carol Conners knows, I would be more apt to recommend the jalapeno corn dogs and pizza rolls at the Valley West Chevron station or perhaps the funnel cakes and British Bangers at the carniva food standsl at the Humboldt County Fair. My food tastes travel toward the culinary values of Richard Marks. Greasy and life threatening. Ha!

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