Mike McGuire is a Heckova (n)Auctioneer!

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee had its “Chicken By The Sea” fundraiser yesterday at the Wharfinger and it was a blast! I’ve been to a lot of these and this was clearly the best of the last ten years that I’ve been going. The turnout was way high, the food was better than I remembered it and the entertainment was fantastic.

State Sen. Mike McGuire, who has more energy than six normal people, auctioned off desserts donated by Democrats. We’ve all seen “celebrity” actions with a lot of fumbling and mumbling carried along by goodwill. Not this time! McGuire actually knows how to auction, in true livestock-auction style where they go likelightningandtalklikethis. He was banging on the podium, kicking up in the air. I never saw such energy. I tell you, you want this guy on your side! He had folks paying four times what was paid the last time we had one of these auctions!

Kudos to the chairs, Chris House and Kathryn Donahue. I didn’t find out what the take was but just for desserts it had  to be up in the thousands. It was truly a memorable event- remembering Sen. Mike’s energy, I did ten extra minutes on the treadmill this morning. 


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