Redding Safeways Under Seige

The local media in Redding has been debating whether or not there is a crime wave over there. KCRA reported that their two Safeways have had different experiences lately.

From KCRA:  “Crime statistics by the Redding Police Department show in January 2015, the Safeway on Pine Street had 151 calls made to police from that location with 15 arrests. In February, after the store changed its hours, the number of calls dropped to police to 67, with arrests dropping to seven. Those numbers stayed consistently lower for the months to come.”

Translation: when this store started closing between midnight and 6am, their police calls dropped to less than half the former numbers. However, the other Redding Safeway, which continues its 24-hour open policy,  has seen its police calls GROW from 57 calls and three arrests in February to 109 calls and 19 arrests in May.  In other words, they doubled.  

It appears this is a whack-a mole situation- the trouble calls move around to where the OPEN stores are.  What if they BOTH closed down during the wee hours? What a concept!


4 thoughts on “Redding Safeways Under Seige

  1. When I worked nights (11-:7:30), it was convenient to be able to go to Safeway during the wee hours of the morning. But that was a long time ago. And the crime was not as bad as it is now.

      • Well Eureka has less than 1/4 the population of Redding, not counting homeless. However, the crime is just as bad here as Redding because of all the meth addicts and dope smokers. Eureka has the highest per capita drug use in California if you look at numbers.

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