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A FOB (Friend of the Blog) advised us that Grocery Outlet is opening at Strong’s Plaza in Fortuna. GO confirms this and says they’re already pouring concrete in Fortuna. Different owners for Fortuna, however.

We learn from the Coos Bay World that service to Denver , yes, Denver, will continue through the summer. I find this somewhat amazing.

Finally, the SBDC will offer their excellent training for artisans and craftspeople with their programs “Making Your Business Ready for Online Sales”.    Click there for enrollment forms and good luck!


4 thoughts on “Tidbits & Gossip

    • THe Bandon Dunes folks are the only entity that kicked in $600K and the fact that it’s a summertime thing makes me think, yes.

  1. Strikes me as a one season charter…
    OTH won’t be able to use the DOT grant again for this particular service and it looks like they will burn through the $600K as the flights are running no where near full. Further, when this goes, they are down to one flight per day to SFO. Will this action subdivide the market, or grow it. ACV & RREDC had to have a flight east to SLC and in the process we lost nonstops to Redding, CCity, Sacramento, LAX and flights north out of state. What is interesting is here is a flight that Redding tried to get out of United/Express for decades.

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