Home Values Compared

Here, courtesy of Zillow and the HSU Economic Index, are some figures to ponder.

Current Median Home Value US:  $180,100

Current Median Home Value Humboldt County:  $251,950

ALL TIME HIGH Median Home Value Humboldt County: $340,000 briefly in Jan 2008

Current Median Home Value Sacramento:  $339,600

ALL TIME HIGH Median Home Value Sacramento:  $442,300 in December 2005

Current Median Home Value San Jose:  $894,700

Hopefully you didn’t buy in Sac in 2005.  Take heart: you can still get houses in Cleveland for less than $70K. Hey, if it’s good enough for Michael Symon…


2 thoughts on “Home Values Compared

  1. $250K is the median price in Humboldt County?!? I remember when the cost of housing (both to buy and to rent) was much much lower than the Bay Area and one could live cheaply here. How can young people just starting out afford to live here? Where can one go in California where it is as cheap to live as it once was in Humboldt County?

    • IT IS much lower than the Bay Area! There aren’t any cheap alternatives in CA anymore. You can get some dumps in Siskiyou County and stuff out in the desert but if I were a young person starting out and wanted to stay in Humboldt I would be looking at a starter home in King Salmon ( for the next few years, before they’re flooded out) or something really rural, not suitable if you need to be near schools and jobs.

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