No One Shows Up To Vote Anymore

They didn’t even mail me a ballot this time but I swear, I would have voted if I could have.  I don’t care if this was an “off-year” election, the voter participation rate was abysmal. Fewer than 25% of voters bothered to vote at all. Of these, 67%  voted by mail, the sensible way, and 32% trekked to the polls like grandma did.  WHEN will we get smart and conduct all our elections by mail like they do in Oregon?

Another thing that strikes you is the anomaly of the School District elections, where you would think that anyone having kids in school would be seriously interested in the results. As our friend Fred pointed out earlier, the County BOE Trustee Area 4, which is apparently in Eureka, will be represented by a woman named Loretta Eckenrode who garnered votes from a whopping 1.8% of those eligible.  With 1600 voters in the Area you would hope that there was a lot of precinct-walking and retail politics going on in those neighborhoods, since the rest of us have never heard anything about these elections.  There was a remarkable lack of online info also. 

The HCBOE elections were decided by 12% of the electorate. The Division 2 Harbor election drew votes from 21% of those registered, the Division 5 turnout was 25% and those were hotly contested elections. Surely we can do better.


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