The Ad That Makes Me Cry

I’m talking about the GE ad that shows an Idea, in a costume that looks like it was recycled from the Farmer’s ad about “gaps in your insurance coverage”. The Idea is a scruffy, shaggy creature that no one wants around because it’s ugly and disturbing.  It hangs out at coffee shops till they close. It’s homeless, living in a box in an alley. Finally a yuppie takes it in but by that time my eyes are filled with tears.

Cherish your ideas! Every business in this community started as an idea. Cherish your ideas- nourish them, love them, work on them, discuss them and above all be thankful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “The Ad That Makes Me Cry

  1. The ad that makes me shed a tear and go, “wow” is this one for Campbell’s Soup:

    We grew up in a time when this would have been absolutely unheard of….and now, with a product as common as Campbell’s Soup it’s just become part of average American life. Of course, there are some people upset over it. So, the message of depicting “real life” worked. I love this ad.

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