Motel Six Under Heat In Sac

Eureka is not the only town to have problem motels but the cast of characters changes. The Sac Bee recently reported that the Motel 6 chain is being told by the City of Sacramento to clean up its act. The story is HERE.

Sacramento has had other problem lodging situations.  The venerable Red Lion/Sacramento Inn complex near Arden Fair, where many of our local State workers were sent for training over the years, nosedived so badly into a dangerous and unsavory place that it was recently slated to be demolished.

In Eureka, the Motel 6 has not been a problem.   It was not included on the list of “problem”  properties that were tabulated by the Lost Coast Outpost as using a disproportionate share of the city’s resources for trouble calls etc in January of this year. Those properties were: Blue Heron Lodge (now closed), Chin’s Motel, Pine Motel, McCullens Motel, Broadway Motel, Budget Motel, Christie’s Motel, the Royal Inn, the Flamingo Motel and the Serenity Inn.  I’ve had friends and relatives stay at the Motel 6 in Eureka and they thought it was fine, for the no-frills price.

The Motel 6 chain is noted, of course, for its dog-friendly policies. I’ve stayed at the Motel 6 in Santa Rosa – because of the dog- near Coddingtown and it was fine, nothing fancy but definitely safe.  What a shame that the situation in Sacramento deteriorated so badly.  People need clean,  safe lodging at a reasonable price.


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  1. The Following was submitted by our friend Sid Berg:

    One of our LU 290 members had a gun flashed on him at the Eureka Motel Six. He quit his job and left the area. The Motel Six North in Santa Rosa has gotten out of control. Drug Sales, Mean dogs and partying all night long. I tried it again after two bad experiences. Same deal, with untrained or uncaring staff.
    Motel Six South has a good manager that tries to keep things under control. That’s where we stay on medical trips. Sacramento”s Motel row including the Motel Six is scary at night. We got a good room just east at the Governor’s Inn. Worth the extra bucks for a safe nights sleep. Right next to the Police Station, but still would not recommend a single person walking at night!
    Drugs and crime have made Zombie movies more truth than fiction!

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