The November HSU Economic Index Is In

The latest picture of our economic health can be found HERE.  Mortgage rates are up, median homes prices are down.  Gas prices also down, to $2.70 statewide and $2.64 in Eureka.  Anyone else old enough to remember the first gas crisis, in the ’70’s when we were complaining about 39¢ a gallon?

As always, our thanks to Dr. Eschker and his hardworking crew.


2 thoughts on “The November HSU Economic Index Is In

  1. I remember that. In 1973, most Humboldt County stations sold regular grade at .36/gallon PLUS you received triple Blue Chip Stamps (to redeem at their store where the Eureka Grocery Outlet is now). Also, if you went to Shell you received a free glass or mug.
    It all changed in the late summer of 1973 when prices were starting to rise and self-service became popular. In October 1973 the Arab oil boycott began which lasted to about May 1974. That is when gas prices rose to around .80, but I do not believe broke the $1.00/gallon barrier. One could only by gas on odd/even days based on one’s license plate. The National 55mph speed limit began on Jan 1, 1974 and remained in effect until around 1990. Stores would turn off their lights when closed and only light every other light standard in the parking lot.
    The second crisis began about March 1978 and lasted to about 1980 when stations would display red or green banners indicating if their pumps were open (as opposed to their service bays.)

    • Again, you have a good memory. I was working in SF and remember the lines around the blocks. Interesting that we seem to be in a permanent “shortage” now, but there’s always enough gas. Sorry for the delay in replying.

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