The Season of Wonder and Light? Bah, humbug.

They call it the Season of Wonder and Light? I call it the dark-ass end of the year. It comes too soon and even with the extended weekend we had this year, it’s over too soon. I love having the Christmas tree up and lights on the house and I don’t feel like taking them down yet. Christmas lights should be left up at least until Chinese/Lunar New Year. Or Easter.  Call me a redneck, that’s how I feel. I’m lovin’ my lights.

JOIN US! Leave your lights up! Turned on!! How long will you last till peer pressure gets the  better of you? Let us know,


4 thoughts on “The Season of Wonder and Light? Bah, humbug.

    • Fred WHO IS BACK FROM THE ‘DEPARTED” COLUMN, tells me he intended to post that all Xmas deco should come down NOW. Ha! Not here! I’m keepin’ mine up till Chinese New Year/Super bowl at least!

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