A COSTCO moment

I am apparently the last person on earth not to have chosen up sides in the Bernie v. Hilary matter. I like them both and I would happily vote for either one for President.

So I was at the counter in the COSTCO pharmacy and couldn’t help overhearing the problem a couple was having  with a prescription which had increased from $60 or so to $160 in one month. I’ve never paid more than $20 for a prescription in my well-insured government employee life so I am always horrified to hear these conversations, which I hear frequently, and always, it seems, involving seniors. 

The clerk was trying different ways of figuring their deductables etc but hadn’t been able to help much at the point where I was ready  to leave. I felt something rising up inside me. The wife was busy with the clerk so I spoke to the husband as I brushed past him. “The hell with this shit!’ I said. “Vote for Bernie!”.  He smirked. 

But I really meant it.


4 thoughts on “A COSTCO moment

  1. From Rick Curtis:I am with Cal-PERS safety—retired after 30 years service credit in the COH firefighter group. Our Anthem went this year for two of us from $14K to $18K per year, leaving me with the super generous pension you hear about of $802.76 a month after a small deduction for state and federal income taxes and the health insurance.I still have to pay a deductible of $500 per person per year, a $20 hit for a doctor visit, and usually 20% after that. This leaves me with no money after health insurance to deal with my health. And Anthem is horrible to deal with. One year I only saw a dermatologist for about ten minutes—then $700 now $900 per minute?! I feel the Bern.

  2. I have insurance thru my employment with the federal government and my monthly prescription copay has gone from $40/month to $50/month in the last 6 months. Im afraid to see what it goes to in a year.
    My mother’s health insurance from my Dad’s Safeway benefits went up about $200/month when Obamacare went in affect a couple yrs ago.

    • Unfortunately with a system that encompasses something like 30% of the national’s economy there are going to be rough spots. Hopefully your family has adjusted. I know it can be tough.
      “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, to quote a cliché.

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