Eating Out: Finally Made It to the 6th and Eatery

This long-underutilized venue, catty-corner from the KAEF studios and the SBDC office, opened to what have been pretty close to rave reviews. They’ve been open since Hallowe’en and are owned by the same wonderful lady, Christine, who brought us the Humboldt Soup Company. I finally got there Thursday.

We arrived at 130 and the place was pretty empty, which was a good thing because the seating is extremely uncomfortable- we had a choice between high barstools that I couldn’t even sit in and rickety seats at a wobbling table. We snagged one of the banquettes and things immediately improved. 

I had the blue cheese burger, which I ordered well-done. I usually don’t worry about degree of doneness with a burger-  it’s a burger, right?- but at this place they ASK you how you want it.  Mine was pretty darned pink for well-done but I ate it; it was basically an excellent burger.  But the surprise was the onion rings. They were THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD.  I hope it wasn’t a fluke. They were crispy, light. Just incredible.

My friend had a plain burger  which she enjoyed and she also thought the rings were incredible. They also have fish tacos and a lamb burger- lots to explore on future visits.

No website.  Like a lot of restaurants locally they are trying to get by with just a Facebook page.  Get a website, folks. You’re ready.  


4 thoughts on “Eating Out: Finally Made It to the 6th and Eatery

  1. Facebook pages are a very poor substitute for a simple website on which they can post the menu if nothing else

    No website, no menu, no business from me …at least on the website you as owner have control over what’s up there

    • Totally agree with your sentiments but I admit to patronizing websiteless establishments once in a while. It is a disturbing trend.

    • I like a tartare too but not when I’m in the mood for a regular old burned burger. They don’t have a tartare on the menu and I wonder if there is a problem with serving the raw egg yolk? Basically everything was good and I’m looking forward to trying the fish tacos etc.

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