The Importance of Internships-and an appreciation from a recent intern

Our friends at StreamGuys  forwarded this letter  from a recent intern who became an employee through HSU’s Business Internship Program.  I would just add that in the many years I worked in HR and employment there was NO greater indicator for college grads than having completed an internship. NONE.

I had a client, who had a degree from CR in Office Practice,  who didn’t know the proper format for a simple business letter.  She explained, “They teach us all these different computer programs but no one teaches us how to DO anything”.  That’s where internships come in. Please consider contacting the HSU School of Business if you can host an intern. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s the letter:

On April 27th, the HSU Business Department, The Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation Board, The McLean Foundation, 36 student interns, and local business leaders gathered at the Arcata Theater Lounge to celebrate. The Smullin and McLean Foundations’ generosity has brought HSU’s Business Internship program to life, a private and public sector partnership.

The program pairs eager students with local businesses interested in soon-to-be graduates. Real world learning begins when students apply for the program with references and a letter of interest.

Under the vision of Dean John Lee; Dr. Hari Singh and Chris Gaines, the HSU Business Department’s Internship Coordinator, has enthusiastically leveraged his professional network to connect interns with local businesses. Every two weeks Chris meets with the interns as a group to discuss challenges we are facing.

HSU’s Business Internship Program is beyond teaching basic work experience; it is providing career experience relevant to student’s degrees.

StreamGuys gave me a full time position after graduation, something I would not have without the forward thinking of the HSU Business Department, The Smullin Foundation, The McLean Foundation, and our local businesses. I want to thank all involved and both myself and my employer want to thank HSU School of Business for being on target and looking towards the success of the areas small businesses and the future of its graduating students. We want to encourage future students and local business that have an interest to learn more as this great program continues next year!

Thank You,

Timothy Labelle

Jonathan Speaker, StreamGuys, Inc.

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