Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for Idiots

The only thing  more amusing than a blowhard laid low is a blowhard making a fool of himself in public.  We’ve had a lot of such amusement lately.  It’s getting tiresome.

Personally, I’m so sick of Donald Trump’s screeching that I turn off the sound when I see his face on TV.  I haven’t missed anything significant. The tide has turned for “Chicken Don”.  For the first ten months or so of his campaign, he could spew out any kind of garbage and no one challenged him. That’s changed. Both CNN and MSNBC, among others, are directly fact-checking him now and pointing out his lies as soon as he utters them.  That’s a good start, for the candidate who has been found to have spoken truthfully only 13% of the time.

His response to the Orlando shooting was particularly disgusting.    His tweeted reaction was to gloat over his supposedly having predicted- what? More terrorist attacks?  My dog could predict that!  To Trump, it’s all about him. One pundit described him as “isolated and unhinged”. That’s a good start.  He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know! Surrounded by paid help and sycophants,  he blunders onward like an out-of-control tank, spreading lies and hatred. This combination of arrogance and ignorance isn’t fooling anyone except, well, the fools. 

Do YOU know anyone personally who is planning to vote for Trump?  Do them a favor and talk them out of it. They’ll be ashamed to tell their kids that they voted for this idiot. And no, don’t roll out the old “Hilary is just as bad” line.  When it comes to dealing with ISIS or Putin, who do you want; the former Secretary of State or the guy who says the Orlando shooter is from “Afghan”?  Yes, watch the tape.  This guy couldn’t find Afghanistan on a globe and he wants to be President?

Ain’t gonna happen. No thanks to the lazy and foolish Republican party that lay down in surrender to this screeching ignoramus. Hope that doesn’t include you.


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