Shopping for Tires

My tenant borrowed my car.   When he brought it back he said someone should look at the tires. So I took it to Gosselin’s.

A nice young guy there looked at them  and pronounced that I didn’t need tires, at least not till late in the year. What I needed if anything, he said, was an alignment. Okay.

It was late on a Friday so I didn’t pursue it right then.  The next week I took the car into Old Town Brake.  Old Town is a very different experience now that Wally has retired. The staff were unfamiliar to me although I’ve been going there for 15 years.  No, they said, an alignment wouldn’t do.  I needed new tires and would surely die before sundown without them.  They wanted $650.  I thought  that was way too high and told them I’d think it over.

I went online and found a set on the COSTCO website. $375 and change. Now, that’s more like it.  (I drive a 2007 PT Cruiser which is why I don’t like to spend much on car stuff.)

Then I Googled some more and found reviews that said you couldn’t make an appointment for tires at COSTCO.  You may end up waiting a long  time. I like to get in and out of COSTCO  real fast, so I demurred.

Finally I went back to Gosselin’s and spoke with Tim.  He inspected the tires and said I should come back around September.  Their price: $384.68 for Doral radials.

Guess where I’m buying my tires In September? Take a wild guess!  What a pleasure when supporting local business turns out to be the smart thing to do! God bless Gosselin’s. They’ve made a customer for life.


7 thoughts on “Shopping for Tires

  1. You should try Firestone. Not only will you need tires, you’ll also need brakes, a coolant flush, a fuel system flush, a brake fluid flush, an alignment, a transmission fluid flush, a power steering flush, new headlights, an oil change, a battery, an accessory belt,…

      • Firestone also has repair shops. In this case, Firestone Complete Auto Care at the corner of 6th and H. They called themselves Expert Tire for a while, but are now Firestone, since 2014 or so…

      • And I wouldn’t exactly say I’m recommending them! They try to sell you a whole bunch of unneeded parts and services, like the aforementioned flushes…

  2. there’s a reason they have been around for some time,i go no-where else for my tire and related needs——-

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