SHOPPING MYSTERIES: Loleta Cheese Version

You’ve heard of Mystery Shoppers? This is our new feature, Shopping Mysteries, wherein we will point out various incongruities and contradictions in our local retail scene.  To wit:

The Loleta Cheese Factory is always a great place to take visitors.  Surely they can pick up an edible souvenir at the very cheapest price because they’re right there at the source, right?  Wrong.  The cheese at the store is confusingly packaged in 11-oz chunks, but the bottom line is you pay 53¢ per ounce or $8.48 a pound. 

Loleta Cheese at Murphy’s Market (we shop in Cutten) is $7.99 a pound. 

Loleta Cheese at Winco is, apparently, $6.99 a pound but there were several more cheaply marked packages that were close to their expiration date. 

So there you have it.  The “close-to-the source” mythology doesn’t work with cheese factories any better than it does at our outrageously expensive farmers’ markets. The laws of supply and demand  are not subject to strict enforcement.



5 thoughts on “SHOPPING MYSTERIES: Loleta Cheese Version

  1. I do live here and agree that the employee assistance is what makes the cheese factory special, and certainly adds to the expense of running the store. When I drive by there are usually many cars, lots of them with o/o state plates.

  2. You’d think Loleta Cheese would cut local markets a break, no they don’t. We don’t buy Loleta Cheese products for that reason.Local cheese can be as expensive as some steak cuts. Sounds like some deceptive advertising is going on as well.

    • Don’t know about the deceptive advertising but folks are accustomed to the idea that close-to-the-source would be cheaper. And it ain’t.

  3. Oh my gosh, you are supposed to be a business blog. Why then do you not understand how business works, lol?

    This is simple economy of scale, not in relation to the product but to the sales of the product. This is the answer to your conundrum for both the cheese place and the farmers market. While you are snacking of free samples with your posh friends, they are paying someone to babysit you. At least at winco you are buying 200 bucks in groceries.

    Will this ever be a value added place to look for business info behind the redwood curtain? We will see.

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