2 thoughts on “VC Leader: Trump is a “Loser”

  1. As a fan of Dilbert, I gotta add (this is not my words but those of Diblert author Scott Adams; posted here for your benefit 🙂 (truly)

    Trump is terrible at business, as proven by his several bankruptcies.

    Persuasion: Ask how many bankruptcies Trump has had. Most people say between 5-10. Then ask how many entities Trump has his name on. The answer is about 500. Then ask if that is a good performance for an entrepreneur who is often trying things in new fields.

    (Asking questions in that fashion is good persuasion technique. It removes the adversarial frame and gives the person a sense of coming to a new conclusion without pressure.)

    Then explain how licensing works. Trump puts his name on various products and he gets paid even if the product or company does poorly in the end. That’s an example of Trump taking the LEAST risk in a deal. The other parties take larger risks and frequently fail. Trump gets paid either way. All parties to the deals have lawyers who review everything. Trump isn’t taking advantage of people with his licensing deals. Licensees are knowingly accepting the riskier side of the deal because they also have the biggest potential upside.

    Trump doesn’t like risk. We see it in lots of ways. For example, Trump has never been in a physical fight. He asked his wives to sign prenups. He creates separate entities so some can go bankrupt without bringing down the rest. He licenses his name so he gets paid even if the company buying the license does not make a profit. And he diversifies his portfolio to reduce exposure to any one risk.

    Based on everything we see, Trump consistently tries hard to avoid risk in everything he does. And people don’t change character at age 70.

    The exceptions to Trump’s risk-avoidance include some of the provocative stuff he is saying during the campaign. That behavior looks risky to most observers, but it was exactly what got him the Republican nomination. Evidently, Trump takes risks when doing so makes sense.


    • Yes, and he certainly doesn’t take risks with his own money, KNOWINGLY. The problem is he’s so ignorant, you can’t trust his judgment. Good piece from Scott Adams.

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