Our Hip Chicks strike “West Texas” gold

I was pleased and surprised to see that the HipChicks,  who farm in Sebastopol (how can anyone afford to do that?) and sell their frozen organic chicken products at the Co-Op and ENF,  were featured on “The West Texas Investors Club”.  This is a yeehaw version of “Shark Tank “, corny and predictable but it grows on you. ( CNBC,  Ch 51 on Suddenlink, 7pm and 10pm Tuesdays.) The ladies of HipChicks are true Redwood Coast types and would fit right in here.

They had to do a store demo for the Club with a bunch of kids.  It was a success and everyone, especially old Gil, the one with the screechy voice, pronounced it the best chicken he’d had. I don’t usually buy organic but next time I’m at the Coop or ENF I’ll give them a try. Heck, they’re practically local.   Check out their site HERE.

And yes, they got an investment.


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