Able-Bodied? Looking for Work? Join the Laborers’ Union!

The LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) is advertising in the Times-Standard that “Laborers’ Union Local 324 is looking for for journeyman laborers.” Not an apprentice program, you have to have some experience.  The ad continues, “Contact Larry Proctor at (916) 710-5195 to meet and discuss your skills and experience. Find out how to get started!  Cost for a qualified journeyman to join is $826.  Interviews will be held by scheduled appointment at the Eureka Labor Temple, 840 E street, Ste 15, Eureka”. 

The fee is probably a dues/initiation fee and a wise investment for anyone who wants a good Union job. These opportunities don’t come around often so go for it. Good luck!


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