I recently came back from a too-long trip to a miasma of missing car keys, forgotten passwords etc etc This morning  I am in shock- no other term- that so many Americans would vote to put our future into the hands of a ignorant megalomaniac, but there it is.

Thank God the local races came out well. Restores my faith in democracy. Almost.


2 thoughts on “THANK GOD IT’S OVER

  1. You know those old cartoons where the character comes across a bomb and just before it blows up they stick their fingers in their ears, hoping that if they can’t hear the explosion it wouldn’t hurt so much?

    That was me last night. And like in the cartoons, it didn’t work.

    It’s much like the way I felt when Reagan (then Bush II) was first elected president. But we managed to get through that. Hopefully we will get through this too.

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