The Embarassment That Is Trump

A week after the election it has become clear that the American public has elected the most ignorant candidate ever to stand for election. His ignorance is matched only by his arrogance. In other words, he doesn’t KNOW how much he doesn’t know. Dragging his children into meetings with foreign leaders is just a sample of the doofus government we are looking at now.

So a week into the New Era  we have a fascist in the White House, a racist as Attorney General and a dummy calling the shots. How many more  times will this crowd of ignoramuses embarass this country before he is impeached, which will surely happen before his first term is up?  You Republicans who voted for this jackass have a lot to answer for.  A lot. 


6 thoughts on “The Embarassment That Is Trump

  1. Time to back off and see what Trump does once he’s in office. Unless there’s some shenanigan with the Electoral College vote, this guy is gonna be our president. Indeed, he’ll be your president whether you like him or not. Wouldn’t it be more productive for disappointed voters to channel their energies into some productive endeavor? The kvetching and carping does no one any good, particularly those who are doing the complaining. One thing for sure is that the next couple of years will be very, very interesting.

    • We have no choice but to “back off and see what Trump does once he’s in office” do we?? Trump is not going to change. He’s ignorant, petty, vengeful and greedy. I give him two years before he’s impeached. Good people should not back off and lie down while he damages our country.

  2. No one seems to have informed his supporters that we ALREADY have a global economy, and thousands of American businesses will be ruined by Trumps ‘policies’ and tariffs on China. Ignorance abounds.

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