The other day I noticed that John Fullerton had posted a response to my blog post of TWO MONTHS AGO as follows:

“As I told you  last summer at the Harbor Group  luncheon, I am an independent and NOT a Republican.   Like I told you,  I changed it several years ago. I also told you I haven’t been involved in partisan politics in almost 15 years ago.”

John must have been a little unglued to post such an ungrammatical thought but I got the gist.  Did I argue with him???  Heck no, I replied “Whatever you say, John.  Have a great Holiday season.”

A couple of days later I got a letter from his office manager to saying:  “Just a short note that we will NOT be doing your tax returns in the future.”

I cried for hours, of course.

 I guess this is my punishment for calling him a Republican.  This is the  guy who was the county CHAIR of the GOP  just a few years ago.  I always thought we had a good, if slight,  relationship.  I’ve never said anything but nice things about him. Can’t remember why I started having him  (I should say, his staff) do my taxes, but I’ve always been satisfied. Well, next time I see John I will offer my apologies for having called him a Republican. Such are the times we live in.

Then I guess I’ll have to find another CPA, or maybe I’ll just start doing them myself again. So my punishment will involve about five minutes to find someone else.  If this ends up costing me money, I’ll let you know.

BTW I checked out the Humboldt Republicans website for the first time. All mention of John’s checkered past as a Republican have been excised long ago, of course,  but what they DO have front and center is a link to Brietbart.  Such are the times we live in.


8 thoughts on “FIRED! BY FULLERTON! O the agony!

  1. Interesting you should post this because I just happened to go through a box and one of the items was wrapped in a Feb. 7, 1992 edition of the Times Standard. In it was the column called “Professional News” that featuring a story and photo of the expanded staff at the John B. Fullerton, CPA office at 711 Third Street. He boasts of “updated computer equipment and software.” (An IBM 386 with MS/DOS?)

    • Thanks for that! I’m sure it was state of the art at the time. The Times used to have much better businessn coverage than they do now.

  2. You might check with Melinda Walsh C.P.A. I’ve been happy with her. She’s done my taxes since ’92. Her office is on Harris Street, just before H, if I have the streets right. She may not be taking new accounts, though. You’ll have to ask.

  3. This is too bad. Sigh.

    I’d like to think John would be a little more accepting to correction, or maybe even magnanimous in his tolerance. But it seems ‘bitter’ and spiteful is more appropriate. Either way, it’s bad for business and good relationships.

  4. “The other day I noticed that John Fullerton had posted a response to my blog post of TWO MONTHS AGO as follows:” ~ Julie Timmons

    Response by HOJ: Doubt 2 months go by in JT’s life where a John Fullerton Response goes unnoticed……JT was just waiting until a later date to claim she did not know of something until now.

    Must be December when taxpayers start prepping paperwork and making phone calls to cpa’s.

    Really, JT called John Fullerton, was told she was fired, and was reminded of the 2 month old response to JT’s post that…..

    JT wanted to pull a Hillary Mosher style tactic……in this case, play dumb until tax season OBVIOUSLY forces a resolution…….!

    Lastly, Julie Timmons advertising she is a business person, but she pays no attention until 2 months later????

    Not good business, just saying.

    • I normally do no approve anything from HOJ but I will make an exception this once to correct his errors. LOOK on my blog, dummy, and you can clearly see the date of JF’s post. I have not called Fullerton’s office since last tax season. I don’t know who Hillary Mosher is or what her “tactics” are. Lastly I am not a business person. I do not sell advertising and I engage in no commercial activities. The disconnect from reality is why HOJ has no space on my blog.

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