4 thoughts on “The November Economic Index is IN!!

  1. I agree. Where are the townhouses and condos that allow for the homeowner to downsize without moving to an apartment or mobile home? It seems like the only housing that gets built is single-family homes which means the homeowner is responsible for more house and yard than is needed. (Brookings and Ashland have a nice selection of such housing, but such is not the case in California north of Santa Rosa.)

  2. First of all, housing sales usually decline in December when people are more focused on Christmas and family. Yet the homes for sale or realtor.com and trulia.com are by and large too expensive for the majority of those who live here. Compare the listings in Humboldt County with those in Eugene (or anywhere else in Oregon excepting Portland). Humboldt County used to be an affordable place to live, either to rent or buy. That does not seem to be the case now.

    • Yes, it was down last December too, but WAY down from the year before. It blows my mind that people are willing to pay half a million for places in Sonoma that would go for $300K here, but they are. Most of the NEW housing stock seems to be overbuilt for the area IMHO.

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