Where can you get a clock fixed around here???


  Every wall clock I have is a cheapo from CVS except for my pride and joy- a clock shaped like a lobster that I paid 50¢ for at a garage sale in King Salmon when I was still moving in to my place baclk in ’93.  I thought perhaps it had been in a local restaurant, maybe even Gill’s, but no one claimed it.  I took it to the clock shop that the old guy used to have in back of Safeway (now Shafer’s) and had him put in a movement.  I think it cost $5.  It’s been hanging in my kitchen ever since.   If there were ever a fire and I had to get out fast, that clock is about the only thing I’d worry about taking.  When my precious lobster stopped keeping time, I called Ten Window Williams.  Who else?  
    So when I called the number, that TWW gave me, (707) 407 6622, I reached Dave of Dave’s Clock Repairs, who came to my house, picked up the clock and brought it back working a few days later. Tariff was $45. All is well again  and I highly recommend Dave for any chronological  problems you may have.  Support your local clock repair guy!

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