2 thoughts on “Winter Dreaming- Ten Train Rides You Want To Take

  1. If you really want to immerse yourself in the possibilities for travel by rail then indulge yourself with a visit to the premium website devoted to rail travel all over the world (pretty much…) and all done by one man who is always travelling.
    The website is http://www.seat61.com
    He’s known as The Man in Seat 61 and if that trip across Russia has interested you, there’s a whole section on the various Trans Siberian options and various followers of the site contribute their own accounts and photos.
    Or explore and find out what new lines have started, if there are any sleeper trains left in Europe (yes, a few) and how to save money buying tickets. I’d have to hit the lottery to be able to afford to travel again but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy following others. ‘The Man’ is always posting his travels on twitter (there are some good people to follow there) so I’ve been to Sri Lanka, Japan (with his family), a new crowd-funded rail service in Europe and a combination rail/ferry/rail trip to Amsterdam from the UK.

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