Life In The Bubble

I don’t know how I would survive the Age of Trump if I had to live in a more “normal ” environment.  I know two people who voted for Trump and they both live on the East Coast, so I don’t see them often. Here, I can go everywhere knowing I will seldom or ever be reminded of the sordid mess gripping our nation.  We have an orange -haired asshole  screeching that  Putin is our friend. We have wierdo Steve Bannon displacing sober and intelligent military representatives on the national security council  and announcing that the sees his role as “deconstructing ” the government, or whichever  part of the government  he thinks he can do without that particular day.  And we have that same orange -haired asshole bleating  that the newspapers and TV etc are WRONG-  WRONG-  and that only HE can be believed. Someone estimated he told  1300+lies during the past month. That sounds about right.  HERE‘s another account of just a few days in February.

Trump, it’s clear, is not a traitor. The most undereducated man to ever occupy the White House doesn’t have the analytical skills to commit treason ; he’d need a lot of help.   His BA in Real Estate from Wharton didn’t teach him critical thinking or even punctuation .  There are other ways to end a sentence besides the exclamation point. Sad!  Nor apparently  did he learn to think on his feet.  He favors Twitter because he can just shoot his BS without fearing contradiction but is too chicken to face the White House Correspondents Dinner.  His cowardice will be marveled at by future generations.  But thin-skilled Don the Con is too chicken to show up.  JFK, Obama, both the Bushes showed up but not our little flower Don.  I don’t think he’ll be missed. The man has NO sense of humor, a dreadful deficiency for so someone in power. He’s too insecure.

I didn’t make it to Jared’s town hall on Thursday. I have the luxury o f knowing that my reps- and that includes Mike McGuire and Jim Woods also- will not disgrace me.   God, I love living up here in the bubble. 


2 thoughts on “Life In The Bubble

  1. There are many concerns about Don the Con. They arrive daily.

    What I found curiously laughable was when he said the US is in such bad shape it ‘has a negative GDP.’ Uh, newsflash: that’s not possible whatsoever.

    And then in the wee hours of the morning, he called up an aide and asked what was the difference between having a strong dollar or a weak one and which was better for our economy. Now, that’s scary.

    What’s scarier is this is a guy who graduated from Wharton. Some folks would like to see his tax returns. I’d like to see his grades.

    • The “Wharton” he graduated from was a brand-new program in REAL ESTATE with 12 students in its initial class. He had to do his first two years at Fordham because he couldn’t get IN to Wharton. This is not “ivy league” I think a lot of people assume he has an MBA which he most assuredly does not. This is the most undereducated President in our history. Yes, I’d love to see his grades too. (I assume you know that he was shipped off to boarding school when he decked his music teacher. The man is a undereducated bully and always has been.)

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