Check This Out! In 1956, It Was MEXICO That Wanted A Wall!!

I’ve been fooling around with a site called You can look up old papers and even print them out. FREE 7-day trials too. Here’s what I found from the “Eureka Humboldt Standard” of August 6, 1956.

(Background: A newspaper editor in Tijuana had recently been assassinated.)

HEADLINE:  Mexico Border May Be Closed

San Diego- Gov Braulio Maldonato of Baja California was prepared yesterday to close the Mexican border to American tourists in order to clean up vice conditions in Tijuana, Mex., a border city 23 miles south of here.

Maldonato told Mexican and American newsmen Saturday he is “sick and tired” of hearing complaints about prostitution,  gambling and narcotics traffic in Tijuana.

He said he has taken personal charge of a clean up campaign.

“If it is necessary to sacrifice economic interests to clean up Tijuana, we will close the border to American tourists,” he said.  “Perhaps we both will gain,  you Americans in health and we in dignity”.

Acosta Mesa was conducting a drive against Tijuana’s prostitution houses and narcotics trade when he was murdered.  A gunman shot the editor three times when the victim answered the door at his fashionable home.

It’s tempting to say, the more things change  the more they stay the same.




4 thoughts on “Check This Out! In 1956, It Was MEXICO That Wanted A Wall!!

  1. Honestly, the best post ever JT…..props.

    Border Walls – Semblences of thought have crossed many generations, history is like a cassette tape player, hit rewind, depress fast forward, push play….agreed on your presentation.

    The microfiche at the library gives you the copy of the actual news print…….but remember, some of the greatest news in history was purposefully “kept from print”.

    • I don’t normally approve posts from HOJ but am approving this one, since flattery works wonders. The Fiche would be of Page l August 6 1956.

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