TRUMP Wants to Kill Our Trains, What’s Left Of Them

Yes, he talks a lot about infrastructure but talk is one thing. Gutting AMTRAK service is another. Our trip to Chicago on the Zephyr in October was a peak experience. Will it be available in the future?

I’ve been a member of NARP for years.  Here’s their take.


6 thoughts on “TRUMP Wants to Kill Our Trains, What’s Left Of Them

  1. No, but I should join RailPAC. As to Amtrak, I have always liked Gene Wilder’s line from “Silver Streak”–“I took the train to be bored.” Good film for rail buffs, or “foamers” as many are called. Guess why.

  2. Thanks for publicizing Amtrak’s situation. I, too, am a member of NARP (since 1975), but the cut in funding is even worse than what was proposed during the second Reagan administration in 1985.

    The critical flaw when Amtrak was created in 1971 was that it nationalized passenger train service, instead of just nationalizing the infrastructure (ie tracks and stations) with the existing railroad companies operating the passenger service. This is how the airline industry operates. The highway industry likewise.

    What was done in 1971 is done, however, and the existing railroad companies most likely do not want to run passenger trains (as if they wanted to in 1971.) But as one wag noted, “If you like the Post Office, you’ll love Amtrak.”

    • Thanks for supporting NARP. I assume you belong to RAILPAC also? I dunno. Everyone bitches about AMTRAK but we found the food and service on both the Zephyr and Lakeshore were superb. Anyone who hasn’t had the Zephyr experience should hurry up and reserve a ticket since our long-distance trains are imperiled.

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