The Chamber On Life Support

Am I alone in thinking the City of Eureka has its head up its butt?  They can’t afford to spend $100K to keep the Chamber  visitors’ center open through the end of the year but they’re paying  $88K  in legal fees for having kept the public from seeing police videos.

This town needs a Chamber. I, too, was upset when they started playing politics, but they learned their lesson,  or should have,  when their candidate for City council, John Fullerton, got walloped by young Austin Allison. But there has been some unfair criticism, too. The staff is good and they are NOT over staffed. The main problem with the current Visitors’ Center is that its on the wrong  side of the street-  folks traveling NORTH don’t see it at all, and folks traveling SOUTH don’t see it until they’re headed out of town.  Personally,  I think  the current site should be converted to some other use and the Visitor;s Center should be relocated to the currently empty Roy’s building.  They even have parking and  maybe the aromas of the last century will remain in the building for awhile.  

It will never happen,  but we need our Chamber. And their Visitors’ Center.


6 thoughts on “The Chamber On Life Support

  1. Your idea makes too much sense. Lovely old building, near dining locations, parking but no ‘rush by’ traffic to make you afraid to slow
    or turn…
    I wonder if the family that owns the place is hoping someone else
    wants to re-open the restaurant…
    And the current location could probably be reused, as you also said…
    but it certainly doesn’t hurt to put constructive ideas out there; someone might actually pay attention and think about it.
    Roy’s made me a lifelong fan of pasta al pesto so your mentioning the place makes me very hungry (but that’s not a bad thing…)

  2. This is not good. I remember when they created this Visitor Center out of what was formerly their conference room in the early 90s. Wonder what Chuck Goodwin would say about this..

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