4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Destroying the Presidency

  1. The presidency was destroyed before Nixon…..Roosevelt…..Harding was the destroyer, and Lincoln to a degree too! Decisions are not made naturally by the prez…..nope, it is political only because the former winner cant become the loser…..lol.

    HOJ did not vote Trump or Clinton, and that valdates HOJ being more patriotic than two party system supporters…..because the constant whining about whichever president is at the helm and running the bully pulpit for either dems or repubs is outdated and quite frankly, not inspurational, and then things only get worse……..and that is only after all the retoric on “fixes”.

    Patriotism is as 3rd class as living in Somalia where lords of violence rule and americans make media stories of it, whilst the USA turns a blind eye and commits it atrocities against its own here at home.

    Firing squad for the 2 party system is what its now all about politically.

    The 2 party system crumbles before too long now, less than 5 elections until a new country of leadership…….dems and repubs are soon ancient fossils.

    Certainly there are many libs and conservatives disgusted by their party line players who ate patriotic, but as long as these folks vote the 2 party ticket, they will always be lesser the patriot.

  2. Stop whining and be a patriot.The Kenyan destroyed the presidency. The people have spoken are are trying to take our country back from the evils of liberalism. If you are not with us, you are against us.

    • I am proudly and adamantly against you. And don’t you dare pretend that only Trumpies like you are patriots. The patriots are those who stand up.

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