Sinclair and the News (I Actually Watched FOX!)

With all the anticipation of SInclair Broadcasting, the new owners of KAEF,   bringing into our market a bunch of right-wing propaganda apparently to be served up with our local news, I thought i had better check out the current offering, so I taped Friday’s  “North Coast News”.

I haven’t watched local news TV for years because it always seemed to be two or three days behind the online sources but it was kind of interesting. The anchors are a beefy male and a tiny woman, both of whom have difficulty pronouncing names that they could have figured out if they’d taken a couple of minutes to rehearse. The broadcast is done at breakneck speed to give a sense of urgency, or maybe to disguise the fact that they had no news to cover. (This was a Friday night, after all.)  The propaganda machine has not affected them so far; there was a segue into national news which was a brief recounting of the healthcare flop.  They were not afraid to criticize Trump when he deserved it (the Boy Scout speech) to I guess we’ll have to wait awhile for the Sinclair -style news.

Emboldened, I actually watched Fox news the other night and I was pleasantly surprised. The show was called “The Five” and was hosted by Bret Baier, who has always been the most reasonable of their commentators. I actually enjoyed it!  You never know.


Read about Sinclair  HERE

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