Trump Chokes At the Most Mismanaged Summit Ever

Our so-called President,  who has been quick to accuse others of “choking” at critical moments,  didn’t have the cojones to confront V Putin on Russia’s hack of the DNC and God-knows-who-else. On top of that, he and Secretary of State Tillerson, who apparently got his job largely because of his acquaintance with Putin, cleverly arranged to have a critical meeting WITH NO NOTE-TAKERS ensuring that there would NOT be a contemporaneous account.  Now Kislyak is stating that Trump agreed that the Russians have nothing to apologize for.  And Trump responds with a tweet about  how great their meeting was. To make it worse, he bows to Putin’s suggestion that the  US have a joint panel with the Russians on cybersecurity. Yeah, right.

Trump took an oath to protect and defend this country.  When will he begin?

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