We Have Too Much Weed!

I never thought it was a wise thing to advertise that you have a surplus of whatever you’re selling but that’s what Hezekiah Allen did last week .  With friends like this, do we need enemies?   Read the story from the SF Business Times  HERE.

2 thoughts on “We Have Too Much Weed!

  1. http://www.sgvtribune.com/general-news/20170803/50-million-worth-of-marijuana-uprooted-from-2-industry-warehouses-8-men-arrested

    I suppose their 2 month delay was to allow the plants to grow large enough to make it the very high value bust it was. When I moved to LA from WC in 1984 my first job was in Industry so I know what little coverage the sheriff’s department offers.
    That’s not the point of this, though. It’s that this is a corollary to your link about California having too much weed. In the past couple months there have been two busts in warehouse areas of Los Angeles adjacent towns (LASD enforcement), each with several thousand plants and each bust came as a result of ‘odor complaints’ from neighbors. Who knows what else is ‘out there’ in areas where there are empty, available warehouses rented for cash and no questions?

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