6 thoughts on “THERE ARE NOT TWO SIDES

  1. “Y’know if silence was golden,
    You couldn’t raise a dime,
    Because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime.”
    Mose Allison
    An appropriate song for the times.

  2. Typical nonsensical leftist rant. There were thousands of people there (not “hundreds” reported) and most were not “Nazi’s” or “kkk” etc. Like all true patriots they oppose American Taliban desecrating/destroying our historical heritage. Traitor and poltroon Jared Huffman – the Supreme Taliban Leader of Congress – co-sponsored a bill to eliminate Confederate battle flags from national cemeteries. Now we have the removal/destruction of sacred history from our public spaces. When will it stop? Shall we pull down the Washington Monument next? Jefferson had children with one of his slaves. Shall we dynamite the Jefferson Memorial? The terrorists of ISIS have come to the U.S. They are dressed as college students, housewives and full-time anarchists, and wholly sponsored by George “Gollum” Soros.

    • THE NAZI ARE HERE! See above rant from “White Paladyn”. I’ll be blocking him from now on. I just wanted to give you a sample of what’s out there in our own community. Sad!

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