4 thoughts on “Chiang on Single -payer

  1. That was a interesting interview. I find it interesting that almost everyone refers to it as “single payer” rather than “Medicare For All”, and while it is the same thing, the concept of Medicare is, I think, easier understood by the general public than single payer. Most people can’t wait until they turn 65 so that they can sign up for Medicare. Also, one “selling point” should be that the Medicare infrastructure (i.e. Bureaucracy) is already in place and that it would be easier just to lower the qualifying age than to create a whole new health care system. Perhaps Medicare For All can be phased in gradually starting with lowering the qualifying age to 55 immediately then covering everyone from birth within 5 to 7 years.

  2. “I support universal care – I believe all Californians should be covered,” ~ Chiang

    Response: another fake American who believes forcing people into payment plans and penalty systems is the way to go…….

    HOJ believes all Californians should have the opportunity to decide for themselves…….but Chiang is a treasonist who believes the gubbamint should not be responsible for covering the healthcare of those victims the very gubbamint creates, victimizes and causes to seek healthcare…….

    Gubbamint owes many citizens for damages by gubbamint officials and employees and appointees…..so Chiang should be ordered to pay up or sit his ass down and shut up……

    Hopefully, HOJ won’t be compelled to warrant yet another death certificate request to the creator….HOJ is only allowed so many requests per visit……lots of other folks got their requests too……

    • Well, I support the mandate. What is Chiang supposed to “pay up”? As a State employee, he already has CALPERS health coverage. So do I.

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