Short Ribs and Random Thoughts Dec 12 2017

HALL & OATES BACK FROM THE DEAD- Have you heard those Applebee’s commercials featuring H&O’s “You Make My Dreams Come True“?? You must have. They run it every five minutes. I guess I never appreciated them,  but that is the ONLY music coming out of the TV that sets my toes tappin’ and makes me dance in the kitchen. I must be getting old.

TRUMP’S SCREWY LAWYERS-  It’s no secret that with his reputation for not paying his bills Our Fake President has had trouble engaging legal counsel. The Covingtons and Burlings of the world are not interested in representing a deadbeat.  Trump had had to resort to using his real estate lawyers and characters like Jay Sukelov,  who advertises himself  as a Christian-rights attorney.  The star of Trump’s legal team is Ty Cobb, the genius who held a strategy meeting at the BLT on the sidewalk in front of Trump Tower in full view and hearing of a WAPO reporter who recorded everything.  It’s not going to get better.

THE PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL in NYC was in the news this morning because of a bombing. I will give a prize to the first person who identifies the person portrayed  in the statue in front of its entrance on the west side of 8th Ave midway between 40th and 41st Streets. You’ll say, “Oh, of course!”.

THE  BIG  4-0:  My car has now registered 40K miles, so I guess it’s not a new car anymore.  Hardly surprising  since it’s a 2007,  the last year they made the PT Cruiser. On the one hand I’ve only had one problem with it, a $300 one-time electrical thing.  On the other hand, I hardly drive it.  I need to get  a new mechanic because I won’t use Old Town Auto any more.  I was a faithful customer for ten years when Wally Cunningham was running it.  He’s send me a notice when I needed something and I blindly followed his advice. Never any problems and when it was electrical he’d refer me out to Dan’s. I knew things would be different when he retired but I didn’t realize HOW different. I blew out a tire and decided to replace all four.  Old Town wanted to sell me a $900 set of tires!! For a PT Cruiser!  The CAR is hardly worth $900! I found I could get perfectly good tires from COSTCO for $370 and from Gosselin’s for a couple of bucks more . Guess where I ended up?  Dan’s let me know they are available for non-electrical work and I just may go to them unless any of you have a better idea.

HIGH-SPEED RAIL –  is being built in China, and everywhere else in the civilized world while California  limps along  dodging lawsuits. In Florida they’re all ready to start testing their privately funded route between West Palm and Lauderdale. Even in pissy little Ireland, they’re building HSR between Cork and Dublin.  Read about the Florida deal HERE.

Do you ever read those ads from the Tractor Supply company?  They’re largely farm-related which means they’re very exotic to me, who has never spent one moment on a farm.  The one that came last week has an ad for a “Yardbird Chicken Plucker- Fully defeathers a bird in 15 seconds or less” for only $349.99.  It looks like a tripod with a perforated cylinder on the top and I don’t even want to know how it works. On the same page is a “$199.99 Shelterlogic Shed-In-A-Box 10 ft X 10 ft X 8ft Roundtop Storage Shed”.  It would need a floor and an end flap but, hey, these could solve the homeless crisis if you put them in the right place.

THE WINTER SUN- Does it bother you as much as it does me? Every year from December to February or so, I hate driving after about 2pm. The only wreck I ever caused was at the junction of Myrtle and Hall, near Redwood Acres.  I was trying to turn left, and couldn’t see a damn thing.  I ended up T-boning a Ford van.  My little Neon didn’t have a scratch on it but the van looked like it had been hit by a train. They are apparently made of cardboard.



Stanford is gaming its admissions with an eye to attracting donors

This is bad. I grew up in a family that worshipped Stanford, I married a Stanford grad student, and my cousin got her MA there. I had relatives in Palo Alto so we spent a lot of time on the campus. Stanford to me has always been the paragon of excellence in education,  but sometimes it’s wise to remember that private universities are businesses. The SV Biz Journal has the story.  Read it HERE.

Short Ribs and Random Thoughts, Dec 6 2017

As of this writing the GOP is forcing through a ‘Tax cut” of which none of them understand the consequences. This is government?  Our Fake President is on TV gloating about destroying two national monuments while playing to his ignorant base who APPLAUD  him. His hatred for Obama is more than irrational, but what else is new.

FOR THE RECORD: Number of times I have watched Matt Lauer on TV: 0

SPEAKING of TV: Is Brian Williams the only man on TV who has not been accused of harassing someone?  I really resented him when he first started on MSNBC but now I’m used to him.  It’s time for someone to put up a website with the names of  men who HAVEN’T been accused of harassment. Be easier to keep track of.

WEDNESDAY DEC 13 from 330pm to 630pm at Eureka Safeway,  drop off your donations for Food For People and say hi to State Sen Mike McGuire.  A toofer!

Dontcha love the ads for KFC in Sunday’s Parade? It must be cheaper  to deluge us with useless ads than to target their advertising.  Looks like Brookings is the closest. Another Christmas without KFC!

IRRITATION AT THE SZECHUAN-  My out-of-town guest and I were both tired of turkey by Saturday so we went to the Szechuan Garden in Arcata to fortify ourselves with soup dumplings ( “juicy pork dumplings” on the menu). The restaurant appeared to be empty except for us, but the layout is such that  you can’t really tell who’s there. The only other thing I order there is the Black Pepper Beef, ($10.50) which is a lot better than it sounds. My friend ordered the Human Beef, (also $10.50) which involved broccoli.  Everything was fine until they brought the check. At the bottom of the check they’re now printing a “Tips Suggestion” with tips at 15%, 20% and 25% all figured out for you. That’s kind of pushy for a restaurant that delivers all your food at once and never checks back with you. Plus their “suggested tips” is calculated on the TOTAL of the order, part of which was takeout.  I’m still a fan, but a grumpy one.

GOLDEN HARVEST- hadn’t been in a while and was devastated to find that my favorite, the Blue Scramble, had disappeared from the menu. Not to fear, however. The kitchen is still making it and it’s just as delicious as ever. Love their biscuits!.

NEED A CALENDAR?  Visit Jacoby’s Storehouse, check out their beautiful tree and visit the offices of the Mad River Union whose 2017 calendar is both beautiful and useful, not to mention free. If you don’t subscribe to the MRU, you should! It’s a good paper.  Support your local journalism! Also in  the Jacoby is Pasta Luego, where you can buy fresh bucatini, that tubular pasta you can never find. I cooked mine last night. Screwed up the sauce but the pasta was fine.  They close at four and they run out of things, especially the  sandwiches, so don’t wait till 230 like I did.

JERRY COLIVAS  passed recently.  Among his many accomplishments,  he was  principal  at Eureka High School. I heard him at a Historical Society meeting explain how his  father came from Greece to Eureka. He had arrived in New York, penniless,  and somehow made it to the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  Speaking not a word of English,  he looked at the posted  steamship schedules and the only word he could recognize was “EUREKA”.  He pointed at the sign, and the rest is history.  Talk about a life well lived! Godspeed, Dr Colivas.

Sorry to hear that AutoDesk, the CAD makers, are laying off 1200 tech workers in San Rafael and SF. That’s 13% of the workforce. When I worked in HR,  Autodesk was considered a model employer, not the least because they let the employees bring their dogs to work.