6 thoughts on “Sales Tax Fraud is Widespread!

  1. http://www.9news.com/mobile/article/news/munchausen-by-proxy-mom-arrested-after-son-has-323-hospital-visits-13-surgeries/73-499147828

    A link to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy fraud

    DHHS – how much in services are by fraud? Once ya meet a person who is constantly inventing daily or hourly problems just to socialize and seek attention, ya realise how much fraud exists and how much more expensive services become in order to recoup losses given away as false services….

  2. Thanks for that JT…..no place for fraud….

    HOJ found that Progressive Insurance advertises “saving money by comparing rates”, BUT that they can’t provide those savings wirhout engineering a policy cancellation…….which then kicks in a $50 cancellation charge attempt that the California Insurance Commissioners Office and State Legislatures are capriciously allowing in one ✋ HAND while telling consumers that they ate being protected from fraud…….

    So, not to rain on a good party, but who really believes effective legislation will curb these frauds we bring to the table?

    Gotta have principle minded people who are real people, not face pulling liars, bser’s……we need that which only exists sparingly in society now, that which has been outcasted by foolish voters who find it easier to believe anything, something…… Need people to actually do research and spend time in the short term evaluating the “who’s best” scenario knowing history tells us that the best have not been given leadership positions, but rather outcasted……..

    The outcasted are the saviors of humanity as history insights us………people must stay open minded and not fall into the pit of betrayal of fact by malcontent mindsets…….like BB King sang……, “NEVER MAKE YOUR MOVE TOO SOON”……..hint hint to the voters

  3. Also, most people do not know that when purchasing items in states that do not have a sales tax, the amount of what would have been collected must be reported when filing one’s tax forms. So those who live near the Oregon border and head to Medford or elsewhere to shop, sales tax needs to be declared retroactively on those purchases. (Some businesses in Oregon border towns actually raise the price of the goods they sell 8% and then advertise to Californians that there is no sale tax!)

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