SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS Feb 10 2017- Our Fake President Wants Tanks On The Streets

WE WERE OFFLINE for a couple of days.  Google told me to change my password and everything stopped working. Thanks to wonderful Cory from Cornerstone Computers, we’re back in business. 

SPACEX- What a pleasure to have some good news! That was really fun!! I take back everything  I said about  Elon  being a  goofball.  Still not too sold on those flamethrowers, though.

TRUMP WANTS A PARADE to honor him and his glory.  He’s looking more like Mussolini every day. And the cretins in the White House who enable him should burn in the deepest circle of Hell..  I didn’t used to believe in Hell, but a year of Trump is changing my mind.

NEW AT COSTCO- a wonderful snack food from British Columbia called InnoFood Coconut Clusters.  They’re NOT overwhelmingly sweet or cocoanut flavored and  ARE organic, gluten-free wheat-free etc.  You can’ t stop eating them. In the freezer, they are now selling BB GO dumplings that you microwave in a plastic tray.  Darn good.

CURMUDGEON CORNER-  When did “drop the mike” become a thing? I was a Broadcasting student at San Francisco State and have a whole 2 units of Audio Studies under my belt and I can tell you, any of us who had dropped a mike would have been escorted out of class.  We got to work with the old classic broadcast mikes, the ribbon mikes on a stand. They would have killed us. Mikes must be cheaper nowadays.  But they’re not any better.

AND ANOTHER THING-  While we’re talking about annoying commercials, what about those Farmers ads–“WE ARE FARMERS! DUM DE DUM DE DUM DUM DUM”  that sound like they’re sung by the Russian Army Chorus.  Then they show Asian people following JK Simmons around an insurance museum. What a horrible idea!  Someone should set them free.  Does anyone actually buy insurance because of these ads?  Do women,  who control most families’ pursestrings?  I doubt it.

CARTER PAGES’ HAT-  Carter Page,  the goofball who loves being in front of the the  camera and may be looking at jail time for his excessive friendliness with the Rooskies,  has one thing going for him: THAT HAT.  It’s like someone took a deerstalker hat and cut some of it off. Remember the old vaudeville song,  “Where did you get that hat boy? Where did you get that hat?  I must have one like that!”  I want one. I don’t want to WEAR it, I just want one.   BTW. I goggled “Carter Page’s  Hat” and got a site showing him wearing a RED hat, not what I would want at all.

ARE YOU STILL ON FACEBOOK? WHY????  You like having your every keystroke sold to merchandisers?  Too lazy to make/keep REAL friends so you settle for the FB version? Too lazy to keep up with the news so you settle for someone  else’s news feed?  Make your own news feed! Are you aware that FB sold ads to the Russians during the 2016 campaign? I have a FB account which I use when I have NO other way of reaching people but I’m limiting myself to five minutes a day, most of which goes to “I Remember In Eureka When…”

According to POLITICO,  Tony V is now within 2 points of Gavin Loathesome in the gubernatorial polls.  And Tom Steyer is hiring 50- that’s FIFTY- campaign workers.


8 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS Feb 10 2017- Our Fake President Wants Tanks On The Streets

  1. HSU: so, are staff misleading or students stupid?

    [Elizabeth Whitchurch of facilities management explains why this is the case.

    “The single unit bathrooms have always been part of our campus,” Whitchurch said. “They just weren’t specifically labeled.”]

    Agree on Facebook: the younger age groups are dropping Facebook like flies on poop…… So it’s still the mid-range and older folks who are primarily stupid…… Younger folks like Snapchat and Instagram even though Instagram is owned by Facebook (snark fuckerberg is a billion dollar douche)…..

    Governor McConaughey……. Gavin Loathesome will slaughter the field……

    Does anyone actually buy insurance because of these ads? Do women, who control most families’ pursestrings? I doubt it. ~ JT

    Response: how about the Dodge Ram Truck ad…..?

    Maybe women can be less selfish in assuming control over the man’s purse strings??? HOJ always wondered why two young kids bought a home they could not afford right after getting hitched….social memes, stigmas and peer pressures that no woman go without this or that and the man is responsible for provisions and guilty of lack of performance……

    Donna Brazille – very credible sounding in her book forum…… She agreed with Ana Navarro that had Hillary Clinton been president she would have been put in jail for her book that makes the DNC look like a bunch of kindergarten chumps….. Guess HOJ just related to her being that she was coming from her black roots (HOJ dated a southern black lady and learned a thing or two about regional cultural differences)….The DNC miscalculated it’s role and gave credence to bad people like DWS and others…….Brazille spoke very highly of Sanders……hint hint next election…..

    • Probably a good read regardless of stance, but “genius” is not manipulating or abusing one citizen for another or on behalf of the state by using a stroke of a pen…..

      The whole Cal Fire process, the many budget shell games that took away local funding, caused locals to tax themselved to make up shortfalls, etc…..

      No, Jerry will go down as a bad human, period…..HOJ will never talk nice about that white man fraud and treasonist……and HOJ hopes his lfe is nothing but evil…

        • Ya, bad HOJ for being human and having human rights to wish this or that upon bad people…classic Jerry….claim state needs money for existing issues but then creates more programs to use the money collected for existing issues…..its a circle jerk, a really evil circle jerk…..

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