ANNALS OF JUNK TV-  Have I mentioned that the greatest quiz show is back!!??  CASH CAB is  now available on the Discovery Channel Friday at 7pm (Ch 31 on Suddenlink)  with the one and only Ben Bailey. They were threatening to replace him but who could replace Ben Bailey?? Good show, worth taping although I was looking forward to the promised CASH CAB CHICAGO which doesn’t seem to be happening, so we’ll keep on riding the Cash Cab up and down the streets of Manhattan.  Meanwhile, 90 DAY FIANCÉE has limped to an anarchic muddle.  The LEARNING CHANNEL is the most poorly produced channel I have seen.  We STILL don’t know what happened to Mohammed and Danielle (or as I have dubbed them, the clueless Mohammed and the hideous Danielle ).  Last we saw of them,  Mohammed was working as an Uber driver in parts unknown and Danielle was devoting her life to getting him deported. The new bunch they brought on in the last couple of weeks are even more clueless.

CHINA is celebrating its ten year anniversary of their high speed rail system while  California’s is still struggling, mired in parochial concerns. They’ll even have HSR in FLORIDA soon, from Tampa to Orlando to start out with.

PUPPY PORN- speaking of junk TV, I have become an eager consumer of what I call Puppy Porn.  The Animal Channel “Too Cute” is unfortunately addictive,   They run it early in the morning so it won’t affect normal people, but I tape it. They usually address three different breeds of puppies or kittens.  I’m actually finding this useful since I’m planning to adopt another dog when LouLou passes. (She’s 20 years old and will probably not last beyond Christmas, according to the vet.) I would NEVER pay money for a  so-called pedigreed  dog, but if you’re familiar with the breeds I can see where it would save a lot of time at the shelter.  “I’d like a cairn terrier type”.  The ACTUAL cutest dogs they’ve shown  turned out to be an exotic breed called Cotons de Tulear, little white dogs with CUTE faces but apparently  a hassle to groom.  AND they run about  three large.

SPEAKING OF DOGS- TRUMP HATES DOGS.  He doesn’t just use the term to put down those he’s fighting with,  he actually has a history of  being anti-dog. His first wife Ivanka had a poodle which he tolerated but nothing since.  Barron is growing up without a dog. Sad! I can see why he hates them-  they are morally superior to him. Read what VICE has to say  HERE. 


SHORT edition this week.  He’s exhausting me. 






Have you had poke? It’s pronounced “poke-ee’ in Hawaii and is kind of like Hawaiian ceviche,  fish (often ahi, or tuna) marinated in shoyu, sesame oil, green onions and so forth. No luau is complete without it.  Goes well with barbecue and beer. They’re even selling it at Safeway. I’ve seen stores in Hawaii that sell fifteen different kinds.  It’s apparently a thing now on the  mainland too, to the point where lawsuits are flying over who’s got the rights. Read about it HERE.

And HERE’s a recipe;  you can skip the chopped mac nuts.  I’ve never seen them over there and they wouldn’t add a thing.  And if you’re in Honolulu, don’t go to the places  named in the article, go to the Tamashiro Market in Kakaako. Only.


Short ribs were back up to $7.99 at Safeway this past week and the $5 ones I stocked up on are still in the freezer. I was too busy sneezing and hacking from the bad air to even think about turning the oven on. Thank God for Raliberto’s, which now takes credit cards, by the way.

-What would you think of a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT requiring  any Presidential candidate to have served at least four years in the military?? Women too! It would eliminate a lot of the ignorance currently wafting from the Oval Office. Might save billions on useless military parades, such as the one which our Fake President still  has his heart set on. Right wow it’s scheduled for Nov 15 at a cost of $12M unless someone comes to their senses.

CHRIS COLLINS-  the greedy creep who committed insider trading RIGHT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN will not be missed by his colleagues on the Hill.  He was apparently despised by his fellow Congress members,  even before he talked several of them into the bum investment  that got him busted.  While we’re at it, how about an amendment to prohibit  members of Congress and Senators from having investments at AT ALL while they serve?  They, as well as the President, should have to put everything into a blind trust.  Should have done this years ago.

-The BEST OF THE NORTH COAST-  We always have a lot of fun with the NCJ’s list when it comes out.  Remember two years ago when the winner was the Holiday Inn on Broadway which hadn’t even opened yet?   Remember it HERE   We all know that the friends and employees of the nominated businesses stuff the ballot boxes, so to speak,   but we all check out those lists.  Most of the winners you could at least make a case for  but PORTER STREET as best barbecue?????  I don’t think so! I used to be a regular customer out of desperation but now that Sammy’s has opened l will never see the inside of Porter Street again. Also,  the last time I had their otherwise good chile it contained a piece of spongy meat that I identified as tripe. Nothing wrong with tripe,  it’s not poison or anything , it just didn’t sit right with me and now that we have  Sammy’s and Humboldt Smokehouse …Anyway, I find the choice of Porter Street inexplicable.  I approve the recognition of the Oaxaca Grill, a nifty little place that is often overlooked.  I am pleased to see that the AA has recaptured the trophy for Best Steak from whatever interloper took it last year.   It should just be permanently the AA.     Toni’s was correctly named for Best Milkshake but their award of  second place to the Fresh Freeze was unfortunate. I love the Freeze for certain things (fish and chips) but their shakes are too sweet.   Finally, I also find the tabbing of Shamus T Bones as one of the top three restaurants, uh, inexplicable.  We’ve had a couple  of pleasant meals there but top three???