27 thoughts on “TRUMP HATES DOGS What more do you need to know?

  1. Here is an example:

    Love is too much pressure for her and her dog……..as if the dog is channeling human thoughts of pressure…..dogs are pets, pets are tools for humans….very simple.

    • So you don’t believe dogs get attached to humans? 10,000 years of civilization says otherwise; sorry you’ve never owned a dog.

      • IDK, why you asking after illiciting such extremities toward thought processes and rails and sleep……. As Chris Farley said in a van down by the river, “lay off me I’m hungry”.

      • Attached is one thing kind of like possession kind of like women claimed for thousands of years kind of like a pet now claims didn’t know pets could claim human caring…..

          • Simple, dogs attached because man took and used or found a use for scavengers like the canine. Then bred for qualities and uses specifically.

            Women, just recently evolved into free, equal members of the more civilized societies, where as 10,000 years ago to about the 20th Century, women were very much so “dependent on men, attached.”(many did not like it, but it was survival).

            Women are able to now have men attach to them.


      • Really dumb kind of like really dumb that a human being or president wouldn’t have a pet or dog or kitty cat what about a parrot everyone would like Trump to have a parrot. A Parrot would repeat everything Trump says, it would be duplicity…… and maybe Trump would hear enough of himself all the time he gets sick of it…..

      • HOJ is a punching bag of fun….. well at least HOJ isn’t Paul Welsh, a progressive Democrat in Portland who carries an American flag cuz he wants to tell the Patriot PRAYERS TYPES that they’re wrong and he wants his American flag to be taken back, but yet he gets beat over the head from behind buy a coward in some ANTIFA group of masked criminals the soccer club and then stick their tail between their legs tuck turn and run away……HOJ was the first online to Warn this country that this was going to happen……

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