4 thoughts on “TRUMP’S LIES

  1. Trump on CA fires – lack of water due to regs

    Response- intentionally misrepresented in order to trap and slam CA by using Cal -Fire spokespersons to verify water has never been a problem, thereby proving CA politicians lie about water and fires.

    Fires due to:

    Vehicles, Cal Trans, electrical power lines and arsonists……not drought, dead trees, global climate changes, etc…..man caused…..hell, not even lightning can be blamed

    Check out the top ten list of all-time recorded CA fires……they all had human causes or are still under investigation (meaning not lightning)

    So, some of Chumps lies seem predicated on proving previous lies made by other liars in politics.

      • Yup, blame Trump…..yes, its always someone else…..

        Dare not speak of the dumbass truck driver and his business who can’t even maintain a tractor trailer tire that blows out on the road allowing the rim to hit the road create Sparks that shoot off into the brush and start the carr fire and kill a bunch of people….

        Bad business and bad California politicians and the bad California government……. obviously takes a backseat to Firefighters because the news is focusing on the attention of people who are relegated to watching the news about the fires…… The win the smolder and Smoke Clears it’s still Jerry Moonbeam Brown and his clan of terrible politicians in California that Foster the environment for these fires…..

        Facts are facts….. no need to split hairs for fun…… fires are deflecting into blaming other people when the blame should be directed at the very same people.

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