TWO YEARS OUT- and we’re just about where we’d expect to be with a moron in the White House and the GOP toadies still hanging around.  Our credibility among the  nations has withered to the point where our Fake President is obviously ready to trade our country’s  rectitude for a mess of pottage, or more specifically,  billions of dollars of (possible) arms  sales to the murderous Saudis.  Why not a wall to keep THOSE  guys out?  This is what happens when you don’t require income tax disclosure,  tolerate nepotism, and give an idiot the keys to the kingdom. One more week to register to vote!

TIME MACHINES-  is a nifty name for a new clock repair business opening at 494 Third St in Eureka.  When I moved back here in ’93,  I bought a clock at a garage sale in King Salmon that must have come from a restaurant. It’s shaped like a lobster and it is just about my favorite possession. I paid 50¢ for it.  I first took it to the older fellow who had the  clock repair shop in back of the then-Safeway (now Shaffer’s on Harris) and he got it working .  Then a couple of years ago it needed some more work and a genial person from Fortuna named David Bellairs got it working again .  Mr Bellairs will now have his own operation in Eureka, co-located with Ten Window Williams which sounds like a fortuitous marriage.  Good luck to him/them.



MH: If you were Conan the King, what would be your first royal decree?

AS:  Access for everyone to health care. And to get off the arms race and to get off Verschmutzung [polluting]. It’s inexcusable to have so much plastic floating around in the oceans.

MH:  Do you think any of those things will happen?

AS:  It will not happen if people just sit around and complain when they hear something on the news. I’m a big advocate of “get off your fucking couch and do something about it.” If you believe there’s something being done wrong by legislators, go out and do everything you can to unseat that person. The same if you see a president acting strange: Do everything you can to unseat that president. My father said to me, “Be useful.” Useful not only to yourself, but useful to your neighborhood, your country, the world. It entails everything.

Be useful.


JEEZ, YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE-  A Palo Cedro chiropractor told his patients to ignore their doctors’ orders because he alone could cure their cancer.  Sound like anyone? The Searchlight-Record tells the tale. Read it HERE.

Now that we  have rumors of BOTH  KFC and In & Out burger coming to town, I’m not sure I can stand the excitement. I’d just gotten used to Winco’s chicken (which is actually  good) and the one time I tried I&O I wasn’t real impressed.  Don Chin was apparently the driving force in the KFC connection.  I think I’d vote for him for City Council.  If I could.

When was the last time you bought anything at Sears?  I swear they could have closed the place and I wouldn’t have noticed.  Always sad to lose jobs  if they do close ours.



TRUMP’S UGLY JACKET-  If Trump keeps wearing that ugly flight jacket that he has apparently adopted as his disaster garb, his approval rating will go down to 15% by the midterm. Just watch.

MELANIA-  While we’re talking appearances, Melania is being dispatched to Africa.  She will apparently not say anything insensitive, since her English is still so poor it’s barely understandable.  I’m sure she’ll  look great.

AVENATTI-  What do you think about Michael Avenatti as President?  He couldn’t be any worse than what we have now. I think it’s about time we had an Italian.  My generation expected the first would be Mario Cuomo.

REAL ESTATE- an 804 square foot flat was sold in San Francisco for $5.3M.  Meanwhile a house of about the same square footage  is selling in Cutten for $176K.

PASSAGES-  Very sorry to hear of the passing of Marty Balin.   They’re dropping like flies.

TRUMP’S BROMANCE -as reported  by Daniel Dale in SALON-  “Trump on Kim Jong Un;  I was really being tough and so was he.  And we would go back and forth.. And then we fell in love. No really.  He wrote me beautiful letters.  They were great letters  And then we fell in love.”   THIS  IDIOT IS YOUR PRESIDENT.  And we are the laughing stock of the world.

HUMBOLDT SOUP COMPANY-  I am absolutely crazy about their Chicken Coconut Curry but I’m too spoiled to drive over there unless I know they have it.  They post their offerings on Facebook, but not consistently, and not early enough for office workers to  plan their lunch.   I called over Thursday to see if they had the curry,  was told they did, and  rushed over just as they were changing the sign  because  they sold out. I settled for the Chicken Verde,  which was good but their system relies on customers NOT having strong preferences.  I’ve emailed her and nagged her and I truly believe that if she would  post her soups DAILY  before 11am, she would double her business.  Am I wrong?  I realize she’s apparently opening a new place, in the site of the late motorcycle cafe whose name I can’t recall.  We wish her well.

WHY DON’T WOMEN COME FORWARD?  When molested, harassed or raped?  IMHO a lot of it has to do with how girls are raised, to not make waves.  And a lot if it has to do with individual personality.  I was raised by a grandmother who was sort of an Amazon (raised six kids while running a grocery store).  She taught us to stand up for ourselves.  A guy tried to rape me many years ago. I couldn’t WAIT to tell the police. The wonderful LAPD caught  the perp in just a few hours and he was returned to prison (he was a parolee).  My experience was terrifying but NOTHING like how a real rape would have been.  I understand why women don’t want to report  it but wish they all could.  Unless you’ve walked in their shoes ,  you probably can’ t understand the pain.

KAVANAUGH”S MELTDOWN-  was horrible to behold. As Bill Maher commented,  he’s been taking Whiny Little Bitch lessons from Trump. This man doesn’t  belong on a traffic court much less on the highest court of the land for the rest of his life.