After-Christmas thoughts: A couple of weeks ago I was happy, figuring the next two years would go by fast. I had forgotten that we have the most vile individual in the universe ensconced in the White House . Not only does the man have no decency, he has no knowledge, no common sense, no manners, no class, no respect for his office or for our allies, no ability to govern, and increasingly he is just unhinged. Plus the government is shut down. What kind of idiot travels to a war zone and tells the troops they’re only there because the US is being played for a sucker? Trump does not know the difference between LEADERSHIP and “being a sucker” because he has never been a leader, only a boss. There’s a big difference but I doubt he’ll ever figure it out. I can’t wait two years. Right now I’m watching him tell the troops that HE just got them their annual COLA adjustment. They know better but listened to his bullshit respectfully, which is more than he deserves. I’m sick of his screeching. Back to impeachment mode. Oh, and he managed to get the government shut down AGAINl  What a genius.

THE WORLD’S BEST RESTAURANT? Not Humboldt Bay Bistro? According to a survey, it’s a place in Strasbourg. The menu is HERE. BTW a Euro is worth about $1.15.

WordPress has unleashed a new version, apparently mandatory, which has a whole different system for managing paragraphs and blocks. I hate it; you will too since it’s causing a lot of awkwardness. Apologies in advance.

Do you know Mary, The Tamale Lady? She’s good person to know around Christmas. I used to buy her tamales years ago but lost track of her after I retired. We had her cater a party last week and her tamales are still killer. We had the pork chile verde and the vegan (made with yams) and the vegan ones were a revelation. I loved them and I’m not even vegan. She makes about ten different kinds and can be reached at 445-3654, and delivers within Eureka.. You can thank me later.

Speaking of food, we traveled to Fields Landing recently to check out the Boathouse. The Boathouse and a Post Office are pretty much the only buildings there but I’ve always been fascinated by such a small “town” and I had an aunt and uncle who lived there for a couple of years back so long ago they didn’t have street addresses. The Boathouse is a pleasant place with a cheery server. Two of us ordered the fish and chips and the third person ordered their “DLT”, which is a BLT with DUCK bacon. It was okay. But disaster struck with the fish and chips which were entirely too salty! The excess salt was apparently in the breading because the fries were okay. I took most of mine home and checked later and they were just too salty. Seemed like a nice place to stop in for a beer. Outside we ran into a young guy with three French bulldogs, and yes, he said he’s a breeder. Frenchies are those pug-like dogs with bat ears. Available in Fields Landing!

BANH MI REVISITED: I tried another one of those wonderful sandwiches from the Lao Market and discovered that they vary wildly in terms of the amount of jalapeños added to each sandwich. The first one I had had four times the amount that the next one did. These are great sandwiches and it’s worth picking it apart to calibrate your preferences. Highly recommended.

I knew SOMEONE had to be watching 90 DAY FIANCEÉ  besides me. The current crop of mismatched couples can’t hold a candle to the Clueless Mohammed and the Hideous Daniele, but they’re pretty bad. The current crop of losers includes a computer tech who lives with his mother and numerous cats in Vegas and drives a car with no A/C who is engaged to a harpy from Brazil who picks fights with his friends and relatives. The author of this piece from Salon is obviously not a regular viewer, and the piece does not do justice to the awfulness of the situations, but some binge-viewing is in order for those of you who wish a New Year’s dose of schadenfreude. Currently airing on Sundays at 8pm on TLC. Check Salon’s take HERE

NOW back to the REAL “fake news”, which DOES exist. A recent example is HERE. 

The WAPO’s Eugene Robinson summarizes the Trump problem HERE. And the WAPO’S Phil Rucker sets forth the problem HERE.  We are, indeed, in deep kimchi. Happy New Year!

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