You think you’ve got problems? Has anyone left a sponge inside you lately ?? It happened in Redding. Read about it HERE.

READ IT AND WEEP. The State has just published its list of the lowest-performing school districts in four years. The whole list is HERE.To save you some time, I broke it down for you. OF the approximately 800 districts, the highest-scoring (HIGHEST IS BAD) was Hoopa Valley Elementary at 241, with Hoopa Valley High at 345. Next was Loleta Elementary at 498. tied with Del Norte’s Margaret Keating Elementary at 498. Next we have Fortuna High’s version of the EAST program at 454. Next, the HCOE’s Eel River Center at 588. Next the HCOE’s Juvenile Hall at 649.Finally, the Del Norte COE’s Castle Rock Elementary at 780? and Pacific Union’s Trillium Charter School at about the same- it’s hard to tell from the way they publish the list. Guess they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

INTRODUCING “THE TRUMPIES”, best award show ever. No date or location arranged yet but we’re taking nominations now. For “Amiable Buffoon”, Mike Pompeo. Is he still bringing his wife to work? He’s also nominated for the “Arrested Development” prize. “Best Imitation of a Dictator” goes to D Trump for his Mussolini impression (sticking his chin out to signal he wants applause) which we seem to see more and more often. For “Likeable Nebbish”, Sam Nunberg, who else? For “Unlikeable Nebbish”, Steve Mnuchin. For “Style Maven”, it’s a competition between Melania and Roger Stone, but the winner is definitely Roger. That beret!!. For “Best Celebrity Impression”, its definitely Matt Whitaker as Daddy Warbucks, with Honorable Mention going to William Barr as the Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine. Submit your nominations here.


SUPERBOWL SUNDAY-  a great day of rest for those of us who hate football.  When I lived in Hawaii, I loved it. You had the beaches to yourself. TWO YEARS IN A ROW they had a blackout in the middle of Superbowl.  People were going nuts, calling their friends on the Mainland to find out what was going on.  Lots of grown men crying….

TOO MANY DEMOCRATS?? Talk about a robust field. Tulsi Gabbard is hitting the dust early.  Read her sad tale HERE.

Who else?  They’re flyin’ out of the woodwork. Kamala’s off to a good start.  Can hardly wait to hear her debate El Trumpo. What about Cory Booker?  He still lives in the projects!   That’s instant cred.  At this point I’m glad when I hear about anyone dropping out. And I’m an old Biden fan, too….Warren has made a lot of mistakes already.  Sherrod Brown has got to do something about that little curl right in the middle of his forehead. This is going to be fun.

TRUMP’S WALL is on life support except in Our Fake President’s mind. WHO are these Democrats he says are are egging him on? Maybe they don’t exist? Like his friend “Jim” who doesn’t go to Paris anymore? Read the LA Times account HERE.

GET OFF FACEBOOK! The worse they behave the more money they make!! See it HERE

SHORT EDITION TODAY. My cousin in Minneapolis is digging herself out from the blast. Thank God we live in California.