OUR FAKE PRESIDENT has become OUR THUG PRESIDENT. Are we to witness the spectacle of OTP pardoning Manafort or other villains to come? What I want to know is who’s going to play Cohen in the movie? No more Bradley Cooper, please.

The venerable Rumiano Cheese Company in Crescent City has announced its new products based on ghee, a substance that I had thought was only used in Indian cooking. I note the word Indian is absent from their press release, so they are apparently planning to make inroads into a new market. Good for them! Read all about it HERE.

Cafe Milano, Washington DC.  Every time I turn around, Jared and Ivanka are eating at this place.  Check out the menu HERE.

On the other hand, Rep Eric Swalwell likes the sushi at O-Ku, menu HERE.

For an interesting take on why Pelosi isn’t backing impeachment, inquire HERE.

And another thing- With the explosion of MeToo and other victim/vengeance movements (all totally justified) there arises the awkward question of justice for crimes committed far in the past. Some sites and playlists are removing Michael Jackson’s music even though he was a cultural and musical giant. I can’t get with that. You can’t pretend he didn’t exist. He actually WAS a pioneer of music. Just don’t DO what he did. As for R Kelly, I only know ONE song associated with him, the beautiful “I Believe I Can Fly”, which is a fixture of high school graduations and should stay that way. BTW I do not give any credence to the rumor that he is the long-lost love child of former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Although there IS a strong resemblance.

The “Trumpies” continued. Nominations are still coming in for the Trumpie awards. The latest: for worst name, David Pecker. Also, for best name, David Pecker. He’s a double threat. And when they bring out the board game, Chris Christie’s gamepiece could be a marble. I know that’s mean.

LOCAL ELECTIONS: It was only a matter of time before the labor strife at St Joseph’s bubbled over into political action. I’ll probably end up writing a check to Allen McCloskey if his only opponent is Rex Bohn, who is a nice guy but who would be violating my sacred rule for elected officials- TWO TERMS AND OUT. It’s not supposed to be a lifetime job!!!

Finally, here’s some perspective on the college-admission scandal from SALON. The Trumps and the Kushners have been playing this game for years. Read about it HERE.

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