I ask again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH TRUMP that he has to continue beating on a man who’s been DEAD for seven months??? He is not fit to lead a Scout troop, much less our country. He becomes more disgusting every day. And, yes, he’s probably crazy. As  I type this, he’s screeching that McCain turned his copy of the Steele dossier over to the FBI in order to hurt HIM.  He can’t get anything right,  but God is he aggrieved!  Is anyone  else getting sick of this? 

MENU WATCH: The New Yorker says that Bill Hader and writer Alec Berg eat at Toscana in Brentwood. Check the menu HERE. Sixty bucks for a veal chop but hey, it’s pounded. The restaurant is at San Vicente and Darlington, streets you’ll recall from OJ times.

I can’t get real excited about Newsom’s moratorium on the death penalty although if it were on the ballot, I’d vote for it. I actually read through the entire list of death-row inmates (the Sac Bee carried it) and of course you can’t read through a list like that without ending up sad and angry. Beside the two who were mentioned in the Times-Standard, don’t forget Cary Stayner, who murdered two Eurekans, the “Yosemite Tourists”. Further from home, who could forget Scott Petersen, killer of his wife Lacy. The little capsule descriptions of the crimes sometimes included the specific locale of the murder. Taco Bell shows up three times.

OUR UNEDUCATED PRESIDENT- If I have to listen to that jackass say one more time that he “feels badly” about Manafort or whoever, I will throw up. A normal person feels BAD when something happens to a friend, NOT “badly”. An uneducated fool who is trying to put on airs says “badly’.

THE HERD: Much as I like Joe Biden, I think there is too much competition for him to stand out. Maybe with a killer running mate? And Bernie has won my heart anew for using a unionized staff. Young Pete B. from South Bend (I think he pronounces it BOOTachick, can’t spell it to save my life) is a very impressive guy although he’s awfully young. Among the women I like Kamala, maybe Klobuchar. Warren has made too many mistakes. I’m unconvinced that Beto is more than a flash in the pan. What about a Biden-Abrams ticket, as in Stacy?

LOS BAGELS is having its annual sale, $6 a dozen. They’re not the kind of bagel I like (puffy, chewy) but when they’re fresh you don’t mind that, and they are good corporate citizens. Sale runs till the end of the month.

CORNERSTONE COMPUTERS – is who keeps this blog functioning. I called them again yesterday to get me out of SSL hell. I definitely appreciate them and felt I should mention them. Always fair, always competent, in friendly Henderson Center.

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