Your Fake President seems to be galloping off in all directions after the Barr letter. Does anyone suppose he actually READ it? Or that he will digest the FULL Mueller report? Or that his new attack on Obamacare will actually include a “replace” in the “repeal and replace” formula?   An early reaction from Axios is HERE.

And another thing. Not to be ghoulish, but 74 year-old Rudy Giuliani tripped outside Bistro Bis Tuesday and had to be helped up. Of course HE has good healthcare.

WAITING FOR MUELLER- or at least his report. Is part of the GOP’s strategy to delay it for long enough that most people will lose interest in the storm of craziness that Our Fake President is so good at creating? Get ready for full-on craziness now that he thinks he’s got cover. The REAL Trump is about to take the stage, the one who doesn’t mind throwing 20 million people or more off healthcare. He doesn’t care.

Budget Travel is raving about two lodging choices in Redding. One is the Sheraton near the Sundial Bridge and the other is the Thunderbird Lodge, a remodeled motel downtown. I need to get over there more often. I guess.

The Golden Gate Bridge car toll is set to go up to $9.75 by 2023. Read about it HERE.

LAST DAY FOR BAGELS on sale at Los Bagels. I went there Friday at 2pm and they were totally out.

SHORT EDITION THIS WEEK since nothing of note is coming down until we get Muellers’ report. Next time we’ll continue to review The Rest Of The Herd.

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, March 31, 2019

  1. I stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge last month and was favorably impressed with the nearly total remodel of the room, yet the room rate is still very reasonable. Plus one can walk to Jack’s Grill, a downtown fixture for 80 years. (Like Eureka’s AA Bar and Grill but with way more history.)
    As to the Golden Gate Bridge, one should read “Paying the Toll: Local Power, Regional Politics, and the Golden Gate Bridge” by Louise Nelson Dyble. It is quite the history. Published by Penn Press in 2009.

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